Tarte: Hamptons Weekender Contour Palette Review

I’ve never been to the Hamptons. However, I imagine the experience would be full of swanky summer homes, sunny beach days and farmers’ markets as far as the eye can see (or I assume so based on the shades names in this palette). Tarte’s Hamptons Weekender contour palette seeks to provide a travel friendly face palette perfect for a weekend getaway. Let’s find out if Hamptons Weekender is a true weekender warrior!


Tarte describes Hamptons Weekender as “Accessorize your summer tan with these contour, blush, and highlight shades. The matte blush and contour shades provide buildable, streak-free color on every complexion, and the champagne highlighter delivers a lit-from-within radiance. The skin-balancing, long-wearing Amazonian clay formula will keep your glow looking gorgeous from summer Friday to Sunday-funday“.


All shades contain 0.08 oz/ 2.3 g of product. 

Beach Getaway – shimmer highlight. Beach Getaway is a subtle golden highlight. This highlight is more glittery than I prefer. My go to highlighter is Nars Hot Sand. Beach Getaway just doesn’t melt into my skin the way Hot Sand does. I would prefer a finer highlight but the wear time I get out of Beach Getaway is great. This highlighter was still visible on my face after 11+ hours – (very impressive on my skin). 

Summer House – matte blush. On my pale skin Summer House is a deep blush shade. Summer House is richly pigmented – (I always end up picking up too much on my brush and feverishly trying to blend it out). Summer House isn’t as easy to blend as other blush shades I own. I find it sticks down firmly where I place it on my face, making it difficult to sheer out. Despite the blending challenges, I like the look once I get everything evened out. Summer House last for 5+ hours on me before I notice the colour starting to fade. 

Farmer’s Market – matte contour. I love the tone of this shade. At long last, I’ve found a contour shade that doesn’t make me look orange. Farmer’s Market is the contour shade I’ve been searching for but the formula isn’t perfect. Even on my pale skin Farmer’s Market needs to be built up. It isn’t the easiest to blend out. Though, I’m willing to work with it because the shade is so perfect. Farmer’s market may not be the contour shade I deserve, but it is the one I need right now. So I’ll blend it out – because I can take it. 


I bought this palette because of the contour shade. I’m very fair so almost all contours are either too dark or too warm on my skin tone. Farmer’s Market is the best contour shade I’ve tested on my skin yet. It’s warm enough to give my face some colour, but not so ashy that I look like I covered my face with dirt (a win win situation). 

The packaging on this palette is cute and compact. It really is perfect for traveling! I can pack this little palette in my travel bag and my face makeup needs are taken care of. Hamptons Weekender is a cardboard palette with a good-sized mirror for the size of the palette. It really is everything I need for a weekend away. 

This little palette was only $25.00 CAD – (there’s no beating that price point)! Makeup is getting so ridiculously expensive, anything good quality I can buy under $30.00 seems to good to be true. More and more brands are following the trend of releasing smaller, less expensive products. A move I enthusiastically support. 

I’m very happy to own a face palette with three usable shades for my skin tone. Most contour/face palettes have at least one shade I’ll never touch. In many cases it seems contour palettes are designed only for makeup artists working with different skin tones regularly. I’m very pleased how well Hamptons Weekender works with my skin. 

Hampton’s Weekender is an adorable, functional palette that won’t break the bank if you’re interested in trying it out. I really appreciate when big brands like Tarte release good quality products without the astronomical price tag. Good work Tarte! 

Until next time,


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