Too Faced: Sparkling Pineapple Palette Review

And so it grows! The story of my ever expanding Too Faced collection. Recently, I bought the Sparkling Pineapple eyeshadow palette from the Tutti Frutti collection. I’ve wanted to try the Tutti Frutti collection since it was released, but it’s not available at Sephora so accessing the line in Canada isn’t easy. I thank my lucky pineapples that this collection ended up at Marshall’s. Plus, the palette was on sale for $19.00 so I couldn’t lose. Let’s see how Sparkling Pineapple performs! 

Too Faced describes the Sparkling Pineapple palette as, “Sparkling Pineapple Eyeshadow Palette is a pineapple-scented palette of glitter, metallic, satin, and matte shadows that give intense payoff for luxurious, one-swipe coverage. The perfect range of warm browns and creams with a pop of intense sparkling gold are so fresh and creamy they practically demand a drink with an umbrella in it”. 


Yum-Yum (matte buttercream) – Yum-Yum is very yellow toned. I have strong pink undertones in my skin so this shade doesn’t match my skin very well. Yum-Yum blends well and works as a base or all over lid shade. 

Coconut Sugar (peach ice) – This shade is pretty. Too Faced always needs to include a basic champagne type shade in their palettes. Coconut Sugar applies nicely and has good pigmentation. I have no complaints about this shade. 

Passports & Pineapples (matte caramel brown) – I’m a big fan of Too Faced mattes. This warm brown is a perfect crease shade. Passports & Pineapples compliments the others shades in the palette well and blends like a dream. The pigmentation is solid and the wear time was 7+ hours. 

Sparkling Pineapple (glittering bronze gold) – Sparkling Pineapple is definitely sparkly. This shade is very glittery and does not apply well with a brush. This shade is best applied with a finger to a sticky base. The colour is pretty but I’m not a fan of shades that can’t be applied with a brush. 

Island Queen (olive bronze w/ green gold shift) – This shade is off the charts! Island Queen is dazzling, the duo chrome shift is stunning! I was amazed how pigmented and easy to apply it was. Island Queen built up beautifully and lasted for 7+ hours before fading. This might be my favourite eyeshadow of all time. 

Tutti Cutie (matte coffee bean) – Tutti Cutie doesn’t perform quite as well as Passports & Pineapples. The pigmentation was decent but I had difficulty blending Tutti Cutie. This shade wore for 6+ hours. 

Pineapple Cooler (metallic silvered champagne) – This shade has a very interesting texture. Pineapple Cooler feels more like a cream shadow and it’s difficult to pick up using a brush. I like the shine this shade produces but it doesn’t behave like a traditional powder eyeshadow. This shade lasted for 4+ hours before fading. 

Sparkling Pineapple contains 7 shades with 0.80g/0.03oz of product each. 


Let’s talk about Sparkling Pineapple’s excellent packaging. There are literally shiny pineapples and sparkles all over this palette – Too Faced always commits to a theme. The sparkling pineapples covering the outside of the palette are very eye catching. I find myself reaching for this palette often, in no small part because the packaging is so pretty! 


The inside of the palette is nicely balanced. All the pans are the same size. One detail I really appreciate is the palette is easy to open. It sounds silly but I struggle to open some palettes but Sparkling Pineapple has a convenient tab on the bottom right corner. The easy open corner has a gold Too Faced logo. I’m loving the attention to detail throughout this palette. Another fun detail, the mirror also has an adorable pineapple wearing sunglasses on it! What’s more fun than a personified pineapple? 

Another point worth noting, this palette stays open on it’s own (hallelujah)! I love when palettes stay propped open without assistance. It makes the palette so much easier to photograph and get use out of the mirror when they don’t snap closed all the time. 

The only negative element of the Sparkling Pineapple packaging is the reflective outer packaging on the back of the palette. The reflective material quickly gets covered in fingerprints. It wouldn’t matter much but the shade names are printed on the back of the palette so I turn it over a lot. I’m constantly cleaning it because the finger prints drive me crazy. 



I get along well with this palette. I’m always drawn to neutral palettes and I have dupes for many of the shades in Sparkling Pineapple. Though, most of the shades in Sparkling Pineapple aren’t new Island Queen alone was worth the purchase for me. I absolutely love that shade! Too Faced doesn’t sell single shadows and if I needed to I would buy this palette again to own Island Queen. So, it’s up to everyone to decide if one unique shadow is worth buying an entire palette for. I got my palette at a discounted price so I’m very happy with my purchase. 

I think Sparkling Pineapple would be great for travel and basic everyday wear. This palette does have everything needed to create multiple, complete looks which I appreciate. Though, the looks you can create with this palette are more neutral, there is only one dark shade in the whole palette. 

One additional point, I like to mention the scent of Too Faced palettes. I can detect a distinctive smell with this palette. All the chocolate themed Too Faced palettes smell the same to me and I enjoy the sweet scent. However, Sparkling Pineapple has a different scent. This palette smells like unpleasant sunscreen to me. I don’t like the scent of this palette so I try to keep it closed. 

Sparkling Pineapple is a good palette. I’m happy I chose this one over the Raspberry themed palette also available in the Tutti Frutti line. Too Faced always has a theme which just makes doing my makeup more fun! 

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