BoxyCharm: November 2019 Box

It’s that magical time of month! My first ever BoxyCharm has arrived. I’ve been wanting try a different makeup subscription service for awhile now. I found I wasn’t getting want I wanted from IPSY so I decided to go with BoxyCharm. My box has arrived with 5 full sized products and an additional Tarte palette as a bonus for signing up. Let’s see what’s in the box! 

Dominique Cosmetics, Celestial Thunder Eyeshadow Palette – I subscribed to BoxyCharm when I saw Dominique Cosmetics was going to be featured in November. I love the design of her palette but I hadn’t purchased one to try. The Celestial Thunder palette has a wide range of shades. I can use all the shades in this palette on a regular basis – excluding the matte teal. The shades are pretty but there is a lot of fallout with the glitter shades, they applied easier with my finger. I’m happy I got to try Dominique Cosmetics, though I’m not sure the quality was good enough for me to purchase a full sized palette. 

Juice Beauty, Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment – This product is weird. Everything about the applicator is odd. The product comes in a long plastic tube and the bottom fell off of mine. The whole product came apart. I’m still able to push down on the applicator and get product out but, needless to say, it’s not ideal. The product is meant to be applied using the applicator not with a finger which also seems strange. Worse yet, I’ve used this product several times and it always gives my skin a mild burning sensation. This was the fail of the box for me. 

Dose of Colours, Liquid Matte Lipstick – I really like Dose of Colors so I was excited to get a fullsize lipstick from them. The lipstick applied smoothly and very opaque. The shade I received is called Nude Mood. This liquid lipstick did settle into the lines of my lips quickly but it wasn’t uncomfortable to wear. Overall, I really enjoyed it and I’m not a big fan of liquid lipsticks, so it’s a win! 

Tula Skincare, Star Power Nourishing & Brightening Mask – I’m not really a skin mask person, this is the first mask I’ve tried. Being this was my first skin mask experience I found it difficult to place on my face. The mask kept getting in my eye. I liked the cooling effect it had and it definitely hydrated my skin nicely. Once I removed the mask I rubbed the excess product into my skin and rinsed my face off with a towel. My skin felt nourished which was great. I’m not sure I’ll continue to use masks, it’s easier for me to put on moisturizer in the places I want (not in my eyeball). The box came with two masks so I’ll use the other for sure. 

Cover Fx, Glitter Drops – These drops are beaming! I could literally paint my entire body Goldmember style with this product. The description of the product implies these glitter drops are meant to be used on the face and body. I would never put something this glittery on my face or body but as eyeshadow it’s gorgeous. I can easily make any eye look pop with a tiny dab of glitter. As the name suggests this is a liquid glitter product. I had to be very precise with my application or the glitter gets out of control fast. It’s difficult to remove once applied so be mindful of how much glitter is going where. 

BONUS PRODUCT! Tarte Cosmetics, Park Avenue Princess (chisel palette) – I’ve wanted this particular palette since it was released in 2017. I’m very pale so contour products are always too dark on me. Park Avenue Princess offers a 6 contour and highlight shades – all of which I can use! Though, I’ll likely use the two shimmery shades as eyeshadow in the winter. The formula is smooth and blends great. I’m super impressed with how sculpted and dare I say chiselled my face looks using this palette. The packaging is big and there’s a lot of product in each pan – I’ll be using this palette for the rest of my life. 

I’m extremely impressed with the products I received in my first BoxyCharm. I switched to BoxyCharm from IPSY because I wanted more full sized products from well known brands. With the conversion rate I was pay over $20.00 CAD for IPSY. IPSY only gives out sample sized products so I didn’t feel my money was going very far. BoxyCharm costs about $42.00 CAD but the value compared to IPSY is significant. Plus, my BoxyCharm box arrived around 7 business days after I joined. IPSY was taking weeks to ship to me which got frustrating. I couldn’t be happy with my choice to switch! 

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