BoxyCharm: January 2020 Box

It’s that exciting time of month again. My January BoxyCharm has landed! I’ve been so impressed with the products I’ve received in three months of being a BoxyCharm subscriber. This month’s theme is breaking the ice, so let’s bust this box open and see what’s inside! 

Pretty Vulgar| Under Cover Concealer

This concealer is fantastic. I don’t switch up the products I use on my face very often. I’m very pale so almost every face product I try looks orange or just doesn’t match my skin tone. I’m so glad I received this concealer. I’ve been using Benefit’s Boi-ing for years but Pretty Vulgar has dethroned Boi-ing for sure. This concealer matches me perfectly. Plus, it gives a nice light covered and never looks cakey. It last for hours and has become a daily staple for me. 

Ace Beaute|Eyeshadow Palette

This is the definition of a beautiful palette! The shades are so warm and gorgeous – it’s like gazing into a brilliant sunset. The shades are very pigmented and perform super well. I’ve never tried Ace Beaute before BoxyCharm. I would definitely purchase another palette from them. 

Wander Beauty| Trip for Two Blush and Bronzer Duo

This duo is lovely. The blush in particular blends out amazingly. When I applied the blush it looks like I have a pretty sun kissed glow, I absolutely love it. The bronzer was a tad orange on me. I think the bronzer will match my skin better in the summer when I get a slight tan. Tanned for me is still pale compared to 99% of people so hopefully it will be an early, warm spring so I can use this bronzer more. 

InnBeauty Project|Power Up: Dual-Phase Setting Face Mist

This is an interesting product. It claims to be a setting spray/fix all the imperfection on your face mist. I’ve used this product and it does have a pleasant cooling quality when applied. My skin did look a tad more awake after using the spray. I would never purchase a product like this myself but it’s fun to test it out. The only setting spray I ever purchase is Urban Decay All-Nighter so I’ll be using it for the brightening affect. 

Grande Cosmetics|Grandedrama Intense Thickening Mascara

I needed mascara so I was happy to get a full sized one in this month’s BoxyCharm. The formula of Grandedramam is quite dry and flaked a lot when I applied it to my lashes. This mascara did not thicken my lashes at all but it did lift and seperate them. Though, the formula was so dry it was difficult to fully coat my lashes. All in all, this wasn’t my favourite mascara but it’s decent enough to use regularly. 

This month’s BoxyCharm box had an excellent range of products. This box provided basically everything needed to create an entire makeup look from eyes to face. I’m still relatively new to BoxyCharm and I’m impressed every month by what my $40.00CAD gets me. The value for money is great. I’m just getting more makeup than I will ever use ever…but I suppose that’s not the worst problem to have. 

Until Next Time,


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