Too Faced: Gingerbread Extra Spicy Palette Review

This is sort of a retro review. The beauty industry pumps out new products so fast after a few months some palettes can feel like old news. Too Faced’s Gingerbread Extra Spicy was released for holiday 2019 as a sequel to the massively successful Gingerbread Spice. I wasn’t going to post about this product because I received it for Christmas and it seemed like Extra Spicy’s time in the spotlight had passed. Though, I saw a few people posting on Instagram about finding it at TX Maxx or Marshall’s so I figured I would share my thoughts. Let’s dive in and see if this spicy palette brings the heat! 

Too Faced describes Ginger Extra Spicy as “Turn up the heat with this gingerbread palette baking with warm, sexy, smouldering shades. Achieve rich and spicy daytime looks, piping hot nighttime looks, and everything in between with 18 shades that smell like yummy gingerbread cookies“.


As with many of the Too Faced palette I try, the mattes perform much better than the shimmers. I love Too Faced mattes! They blend so easily and effortlessly. The pigmentation is strong and even. I almost never have an issue with a Too Faced matte shade. I particularly enjoy Plenty of Dough, Soft & Sweet, Hot Tamale and Cinna-mon. I can get my makeup done so fast using this combination because they blend so perfectly.

I liked all the mattes in this palette but those three in particular have been my go to shadows since receiving this palette. It’s worth noting that I always use primer. I suspect that’s why I rarely have issues with Too Faced shadows. 

The shimmers on the other hand are a different story. The shades Lick the Spoon, Spicy Mami and Candy Queen are very heavy on the glitter. There was a lot of fallout using these shades. It was difficult to build up pigmentation with the shimmers. When I did build them up, the shadow looked cakey and unflattering. It was difficult to apply eyeliner smoothly over some of the shimmers. Half Baked and Drizzle It were the stand out shimmers. They both applied well and had a much smoother texture than the other shimmers. 


Nothing says Christmas Little gingerbread man dancing around happily. The Gingerbread Extra Spicy palette is packaged in the same style as Too Faced’s well known Chocolate Bar palettes. Gingerbread Extra Spicy has a few extra Gingerbread cookie details that make this palette even more delicious to look at. The outer packaging has two adorable gingerbread people embossed onto the palette. In addition, the ginger people are also on the inside of the palette around the mirror. This palette is just so cute and fun. It makes me feel like Christmas is all year long when I use it. 


I really enjoyed the original Gingerbread Spice palette but I like this one more. Gingerbread Extra Spicy is a more balanced and more wearable palette in my opinion. Extra Spicy has more mattes and fewer intensely glittery shades than its predecessor. There’s more shade variety and fewer heavy dark shades in Extra Spicy. Personally, I’m more inspired by Extra Spicy and I can see shadow combinations easier. I prefer pink and red tones and Extra Spicy pulls more in that direction, whereas Gingerbread Spice has more plum shades. 

This palette has become my everyday use eyeshadow. I’ve used this palette so much I’m sad it’s limited addition. I should have purchased a backup when it was on sale. Though, I have heard of some people finding Gingerbread Extra Spicy at Marshalls or other similar retailers so I’m going to continue to search for it. 

This palette has a huge variety of matte shades so I can switch up my shade selection and create multiple looks. I love that there’s a yellow toned shade in this palette. There’s enough variety that I can create looks that are totally different from one another. Though, I usually use shimmers from other palette in combination with the mattes. I often use a soft pink shimmer on my lid with Soft & Sweet and Hot Tamale in the crease. the pink combination is gorgeous. 

Sadly, I don’t think Gingerbread Extra Spicy sold as well as the original Gingerbread Spice. In 2019, Gingerbread Spice sold out very early on in the holiday shopping season. It’s hard to say exactly why that might have been. I heard lots of discussion about the two palette being too similar but looking at the two palette side by side they are distinctly different. Personally, enjoyed the second iteration better so I hope Too Faced released a third Gingerbread themed palette for holiday 2020. 

If you missed out on this holiday 2019 release and are lucky enough to find it at a discount price in another retailer, I would recommend trying this palette. 

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