ColourPop: Pretty Guardian (Sailor Moon) Palette Review

Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, never running from a real fight, she is the one named Sailor Moon! So much of my childhood was spent watching this iconic series. I remember having a magic scepter that lit up and made sounds! I wanted to be Sailor Moon as I kid – now as an adult, I can do my makeup like her. Let’s find out if the Pretty Guardian palette is the new palette I can depend on. 

Colourpop describes Pretty Guardian as “One of our most requested collabs is here with the most kawaii palette ever! Pretty pastels in matte, metallic, foiled, and Super Shock finishes create the sweet looks”.


The Pretty Guardian palette contains 12 peachy, pink pastel shades. This is my first time using Colourpop shadows so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve heard rave reviews of Colourpop for years so I’m was eager to see if all the hype was real. 

The shimmer shades have a rough texture – they’re not smooth to the touch at all. Despite the gritty texture of the shadows Silver Crystal, Full Moon and Silver Millennium all applied nicely and were easy to smooth out. Luna was less pigmented but could be built up when applied with a finger. Mare Serenitatis was the only real flop. Mare Serenitatis is a pressed glitter shade with little pigmentation. Even when applied with a finger there was only glitter transferred to my lid. Overall, the shimmers were nice enough but be prepared for a lot of sparkly fallout. Definitely, do your eye makeup first when using this palette. 

Moving on to the mattes. These mattes are beautiful! They remind me a lot of Anastasia Beverly Hills matte formula. The texture of all the mattes was quite dusty, similar to ABH. When dipping a brush into the pan, a lot of product kicked up. Twilight Flash, Moon Castle and Tuxedo Rose applied and blended out magically. Justice, Love and Miracle Romance applied well but I’ve used similar colours from others brand with much better pigmentation. I also noticed there a slight shimmer in most of these mattes. I’m not bothered by a tiny bit of sparkle but if you like your mattes glitter free these aren’t for you.

All things considered, these are very good quality mattes and perfectly adequate shimmers. I’m starting to understand the cult of Colourpop. 

This palette contains 14.20g of product total. Each pan is 0.5oz. 


This palette is so cute! But, when I opened the box I was surprised the beautiful image of Sailor Moon on the box wasn’t printed on the palette itself. I hadn’t noticed the designs of the box and the palette were different when I ordered it. I still love the design of the palette but the box is prettier in my opinion. 

The palette features lenticular print that shifts between two images. I’ve never seen lenticular print on palette before – it’s definitely unique. The shifting image of Sailor Moon with huge heart shaped eyes is adorable. Though, I’m a bit concerned it’s going to get scratched. I can already see a few minor imperfections on the print. Hopefully, if I keep it stored in the box I can prevent additional damage. 


This is my first Colourpop experience. I live in Canada so the shipping on Colourpop product is expensive. I had a horrible experience ordering from Colourpop a few years ago so I made a rule for myself not to purchase from them again. But, rules are made to be broken and I wanted a Sailor Moon palette. Luckily, this time the shipping process went smoothly. 

Though, the shipping process was successful this time – ordering was challenging. This product was in incredibly high demand and I’m lucky I got to purchase Pretty Guardian. Like a lot of people, I attempted to add Pretty Guardian to my cart on the Colourpop website multiple times. I kept trying to checkout, only to find the palette had gone out of stock while entering my payment/shipping information. It took me about 20 minutes and 6 or 7 attempts to successfully order and process my payment. I wanted to purchase the blushes released in this collection too but everything was selling out so fast I decided to stick with the palette and get something rather than nothing. I hope Colourpop restocks this collection so everyone who wanted something from this adorable release can have it. 

Controversy aside, I love this palette. My inner child is so happy to own it!. I always remember Sailor Moon wearing a red, white and blue dress. It would have been nice to have a deep blue or purple included in the palette to balance things and still keep with the Sailor Moon them. She might have been updated since the 90s show so my childhood memories might be different to her outfit now. 

I would like a darker shade included in the palette. But, for a fun summer palette Pretty Guardian delivers on my expectations. I wear a lot of peach and pink shades in the summer months so this works perfectly for my needs. If someone were to draw a manga of me, looking at this palette, I would have giant heart shaped eyes! 

Now I’m no longer a Colourpop virgin, I can see why people love this brand. Affordability is so important, it’s nice to see a brand offer quality shadows for a reasonable price. This palette was only $20 USD. Yes, the packaging is cardboard, there’s no mirror included and shipping to Canada isn’t cheap. But, if the shadows are good those things don’t matter as much. I’m very happy with my purchase. I’m hoping Colourpop will release a larger Sailor Moon line with theme palettes for all the other Sailors. I’m hoping for a Sailor Jupiter palette. Make it happen Colourpop!

Click here to check out the full collection. 

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