Marc Jacobs Beauty: Cherrific Eyeshadow Palette Review

The holiday 2020 makeup session is upon us! With everything going on in the world this year, makeup has been a fun distraction. I’ve been really interested in many of the holiday collections this year. I’ve been enjoying researching products and deciding what I want add to to my collection. There was one collection that caught my eye immediately – the March Jacobs Beauty Very Merry Cherry Collection. I needed to have the gorgeous cherry themed eyeshadow palette in my collection. Let’s find out if this palette is full of holiday magic.

Marc Jacobs Beauty describes the Cherrific Eye-conic Multi-finish eye palette as “Decked out in decadent cherries, this limited-edition palette features seven velvety, ultra-pigmented, cherry-inspired shades in four fashion finishes. Go from day to night with a new take on neutrals, then satisfy your craving for everything extra this season with bold cherry pops“.


Decadent – icy white metallic. Decadent is very sparkly and pretty, but I found it difficult to pick up with a brush. It was much easier to apply with my finger.

Juicy – light peach shimmering satin. This shade lacked pigmentation for me. I couldn’t see much shine or colour when I applied Juicy. It gives a very subtle sheen to the skin. Juicy was my least favourite shade in the palette.

Delicious – terracotta matte velvet. Delicious is very pigmented, but it I found it was patchy and difficult to blend out. It took considerable effort to smooth everything out.

Ask For – taupe sparkling silk. This shade is stunning! It is very pigmented and applied beautifully. This by far the best shade in the palette. It really popped when applied but did create some fallout.

Extra – burgundy matte velvet. Extra is the best performing matte in the palette for me. The pigmentation was great, it blended out easier than Ask For but still not as well as I want.

Cherries – black cherry metallic. Cherries is similar to Decadent. Cherries was not easily picked up with a brush and basically needed to be applied with a finger. Even when applied with a finger it wasn’t a sparkly as I expected but it’s still pretty.

Each pan contains 7 x 0.04 oz/1.15 g of product. This palette contains 4 different finishes.


The packaging on Cherrific is stunning! The mint green and cherries just look so adorable! I needed this palette from the moment I saw it. I love that Marc Jacobs Beauty went with a more unique holiday aesthetic, no sugar plums or Christmas balls here. Cherries don’t jump out at me as holiday fruit, but the colour scheme is so elegant, pretty and festive. I love the jewelled cherry on top of the palette. Even the box is lovely! I’ll be storing this palette in the box because it’s way too pretty to toss out.


This palette is gorgeous. I love berry and pink tones so this palette is straight up my alley. I could easily wear this palette everyday, but the blending was an issue. The shimmer shades are great, but the mattes gave me problems. I usually like to layer and blend out several shades in my crease. I found these matte shadows difficult to blend into one another. My eye look ended up a little patchy every time I used this palette. I did find the shadows blended more easier without primer, but I have oily lids and primer is a necessity for me. I feel like with the high Marc Jacobs Beauty price-tag ($65.00 CAD), I shouldn’t be having these issues.

The blending wasn’t perfect, the wear time was awesome with these shades. I got 8+ hours of wear time with little to zero fading – even through a full day and a gym session. I was super happy with how these shadows held up. No creasing or fallout during the day. Top marks for staying power!

This palette is just so pretty! I love looking at it. Marc Jacobs designed such a gorgeous palette. The palette is still fun and unique, but not over the top. It really looks elegant and sophisticated.

Cherrific, like most “cherry” palettes that have come out this year is not so cherry. This palette is more cranberry in tone. So many brands have released cherry palette but none have included a true red. I suppose cherries are prettier and have a nicer connotations than cranberries. But, I would love for one brand to release a cherry palette that actually looks like a cherry.

I was tempted to buy the entire line when I first saw it. I was (and still am) inexplicably drawn to it. I just want all the mint green and red. I would like to try out the O!Mega Glaze All-Over Foil Luminizer. It looks too dark for me, but the packaging! I just want the pretty, cherry jewel on my vanity.

The entire collection can be viewed/purchased at Sephora or Marc Jacobs Beauty website. The 880 Cherrific palette retails for $65.00 CAD and $49.50 USD.

Until next time,


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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