Sephora Favorites: Makeup Must Haves Review

There are few things I enjoy more than a well put together Sephora Favorites set. When these sets are done well the value for money is fantastic. The latest version of the “Makeup Must Haves” offers a wide range of products from top brands like Nars, Huda Beauty and Urban Decay. I already love some of the items included in this set and the others I was very keen to try. Plus, 4 out of the 8 items included are full size. Let’s find out if this set is a truly great value.

Outer packaging of Sephora – Makeup Must Haves 2020

Items Included in the Set

Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir (Full Size) – This mascara is the best! I tried it for the first time through a Sephora Favorites Mascara set and I fell in love. This is one of the few mascaras that can separate and lengthen my lashes. My lashes clump together annoyingly easily so a mascara that can separate my lashes is a sure-fire winner. This product is $27.00 USD/$35.00CAD at regular price. There’s no way I can justify that price for a mascara on the regular. I bought this set in no small part because a full size Velvet Noir mascara was included.

HUDA BEAUTY Power Matte Lipstick – First Kiss (Full Size) – this lipstick is beautiful! At first glance, I wasn’t sure this shade would work for me. The bullet looked a lot darker to me than when applied. It applied well for a matte and didn’t cling to dry patches on my lips. The colour was opaque and even. The wear time was great and it last well through eating. Overall, I was super happy with this lipstick and I will definitely consider purchasing other Huda Beauty lipsticks.

Too Faced Peach Perfect Mattifying Setting Powder – If you don’t like the smell of peaches, this powder is not for you. I could smell the aroma without removing the plastic seal. I’m not bothered by the scent personally. But, if you don’t want to smell like Fuzzy Peach candy I would maybe avoid this product. The powder itself had a nice texture and genuinely gave a mattified look to my skin. I never buy full size primers so I was happy to test this one out.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray -This product is magic in a bottle. I take any chance I can get to pick up a sample size or freebie. My makeup last forever when I use All Nighter Setting Spray. The full size is $33.00 USD/$42.00 CAD, so when there’s a deal on this product I jump on it.

NARS Orgasm Blush (Full Size) – I has never tried this iconic product from Nars. I always thought Orgasm would be too peachy for me, but I was wrong. The pigmentation is beautiful and the shimmer of the blush melts into my skin – I love it! The regular price for this blush is $30.00 USD/$39.00 CAD. I never would have bought this for myself, so I’m so please I got a full size in this set.

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Mini – I don’t use foundation primer normally, so I enjoy getting to test out a product I don’t normal have on hand. This primer smoothed my skin out nicely. It didn’t feel greasy on my skin, but I also use a powder foundation so that could have helped. I don’t think this product is necessary for me, but I’m glad I got to try it.

KVD Vegan Beauty Tattoo Liner – I do like the KVD Tattoo liner. I wouldn’t purchase from the company personally at this point, but I won’t waste the liner. I went through many of these liners before all the KVD controversy. I love the clean lines and accuracy I can achieve with this liner. Though, I have always found the product dries out super quickly. I wouldn’t buy the full size again because it’s $21.00USD/$27.50CAD and it’s dry before I can get my money’s worth.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz – Medium Brown (Full Size) – Brow Wiz is another product I love and use everyday. My current Brow Wiz pencil is almost empty, so it was perfect timing to get a refill in this set. Luckily, the Medium Brown shade included in this set is the correct shade for me. Brow Wiz is easy to apply and blends seamlessly into my brows. Brow Wiz sells for $23.00USD/$28.00 CAD, so it was a bonus to get it in this set!

Products included in Sephora Favorites – Makeup Must Haves 2020


This set is homerun for me. I either already loved or wanted to try all eight of these products. There is usually at least one item in sets like this I wouldn’t want, but this one had everything I need. I stocked up on $146.00USD/$193.00CAD worth of product for only $48.00USD/$63.00CAD. There’s no debate here, this set is definitely worth the money. If I walked into Sephora (because of the pandemic I likely won’t be strolling into Sephora anytime soon, but you get the idea), I could barely purchase two full sized products for the price of this whole set. I’m not great with math, but this seems like a hella good deal!

The only thing I can honestly say I don’t like about this set is the bulky packaging. The products are incased in thick plastic, then the plastic casing is in a giant pink box. It’s just excessive. The cardboard box this set was mailed in was massive too. I really don’t need all the extra plastic. There must be a way to put these sets together without the massively oversized packaging.

Packaging of Sephora Makeup Must Haves

I would highly recommend this set if you’re interested in trying out some great high-end products for a discounted price. This set basically includes everything you need for a full look aside from eyeshadow. To view or purchase this set, checkout Sephora’s website .

Stay safe out there,


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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