Boxycharm: October 2020 Base Box

It’s that magical time of month again! My October Boxycharm has arrived. This is my first box in 6 months. I cancelled my subscription earlier this year. I found I was receiving way too many products I didn’t want or use. I decided to give Boxycharm another chance when I saw the products available in the October box. Let’s find out if resubscribing to Boxycharm was worth it.

Items included in Boxycharm October 2020 box

Ciate London, New England Editor Palette – this 18 pan palette is very pretty. The description of this products says it’s inspired by New England in the Fall, but all the shimmery pinks and purples look a lot more like Spring to me. In any event, the shimmer shadows I have played with are gorgeous. The mattes require some building, but everything blends out nicely. I’ve gotten some pretty soft looks from this palette. This is my first experience with Ciate London eyeshadow and I gotta say I’m impressed.

Luxie, Wonderlust Set – this five piece eye brush set is great. I resubscribed to Boxycharm because I saw a set of Luxie brushes was included in this month’s box. I was stoked to see I got the set I wanted! I love Luxie brushes, they’re soft, high quality and the perfect size for my eye shape. Plus, this set comes with a little case, so I can store all my Luxie brushes together. I really needed new brushes so I was amped to get a variety in this set.

Farsali Prive, Quench – This is a nice serum. I don’t use many serums, but this one soaked into my skin well. The applicators was easy to use and I could control the amount of product coming out without any issues. Sometimes with serums I feel like the product just sits on my skin and doesn’t absorb. I might be applying too much, it’s hard to say. This Farsali Prive product will be nice heading into the dry winter months. We already have snow on the ground where I live so I need to prepare.

Frank Body, Glow Mask – I don’t usually like masks. I’m always annoyed when I received them in subscription boxes. I honestly didn’t even want to try this product, but I figured I should. Well, was I ever wrong – this mask is amazing! It doesn’t feel sticky or gross when applied. I kept it on for the recommended 10 minutes and when I removed it my skin looked noticeably hydrated and smooth. I was shocked because I genuinely expected nothing. I will be continuing to use and repurchase this product. The only issue I had was the scent of the mask. My eyes felt irritated when I had it on, but the feeling immediately went away once I removed the mask from my face.

Ace Beaute, Draw It Lip Liner Duo – I like lip liners, but I rarely buy them. It’s always a bonus to get products I wouldn’t necessarily purchase for myself, but I’ll get use out of. These liners are quite stiff in texture. I’ve used some lip liners that are extremely creamy, these are not. Though, the product was a bit stiff the colour applied to my lips well. These could be worn alone or as well lip liners. Both shades look much darker in the pencil than they look applied. One can be used for a grundgy 90s look and the other can be a festive holiday look. I’ve got options with these two.

Here’s the big question – was resubscribing to Boxycharm this month worth it? Yes, I would say it was based on this box. I seriously needed new brushes. The Luxie Beauty brush set included in this box is $45.00 USD if purchased separately. The Boxycharm base box subscription is only $25.00 USD, so I got the brushes I wanted and everything else is gravy after that. The Ciate London palette is $32.00 USD if purchased separately, the Ace Beaute liners are $16.00 USD, the Frank Body Glow Mask is $21.95 USD and the Farsali Prive serum is $24.00 USD. In the end, I got $139.00 USD worth if product for $25USD.

With that said, the main reason I cancelled my subscription was because I was getting way too many skincare products. Everything in my profile on Boxycharm’s website is filled out. I have clearly indicated I want makeup in my box but I keep getting boxes filled with skincare. I got two skincare products this month. If I start getting anymore than that I’ll cancel again. I like to pick out my own skincare products and I just don’t get excited about moisturizer, serums and masks. I know some people love trying these types of products, but it isn’t what I want. Hopefully, I’ll continue to received makeup items in future boxes.

Stay safe out there,


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