How Much is My Face Worth?

How much is my face worth? It’s an intriguing question. I’ve seen this tag go around the Youtube/blogosphere for a few years now. Before now, I’ve never been brave enough to sit down and add up the total amount of money the makeup I put on my face costs. So, I thought there’s no better way to spend a quiet quarantine day than to total it all up! I’m busting out my calculator because I know the total is going to be too high for me to add up mentally.

I thought the easiest way to do this would be to go through my makeup routine, list the products I used and their prices, then total everything at the end. I’m feeling some minor heart palpitations just thinking about the final total. Let’s get to crunching the numbers!

First things first, moisturizing my skin is key. Winter is basically upon us here in Canada, so my skin is starting to get drier by the hour. I apply Drunk Elephant’s Protini Polypeptide Cream ($68.00USD/$89.00CAD) to my skin and allow that to absorb. Once my moisturizer is applied, I prime my eyelids with an old classic Urban Decay Primer Potion ($24.00USD/$32.00CAD). I don’t normally use a primer on my face, so we’re on to the next step.

Onwards to eye makeup! I always do my eye makeup first. That way, I don’t mess up a nice foundation with fallout. I use a tiny bit of the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk (4.50USD/$7.00CAD) on the centre on my lid. My lids get quite oily during the day, so adding a little reinforcement gives the shadow something extra to cling to and produces longer wear time for me. Today I was going for a more neutral look, so I used Too Faced’s Shake Your Palm Palms palette ($27.00 USD/$34.00CAD). I also used a few shades from the Urban Decay Naked Honey palette ($49.00USD/$68.00CAD). I almost always use the shade Flyby from Naked Honey to highlight under my brow and the inner corner of my eye. Flyby is stunning and gives the most beautiful glow to my skin.

Once my eyeshadow is done, it’s time for liner. I use the Pixi Beauty eye pencil ($12.00USD/$16.00USD) to create a rough line. After that line is in place, I smooth it out with Clinique’s Pretty Eyes Liquid Lining Pen ($23.00 USD/$29.00CAD). After that, I applied Marc Jacob’s Beauty Velvet Noir Mascara ($27.00USD/$35.00CD) and my eye look is complete.

Now, onto brows! I never used to do anything to my brows, but I’ve gotten used to how they look with brow pencil applied. I can’t go back to bare brows. I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Whiz in Medium Brown ($23.00USD/$28.00CAD) and to hold my crazy brows in place I lightly apply some Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel ($22.00USD/$29.00CAD). Brow Gel low key changed my life. In the past, my hair somehow always moved my brows. I would look into the mirror and somehow, as if by magic, my brows would be going in all directions! But, now I’m the master of my brows!

Moving on to face makeup. I don’t apply heavy face makeup, I’ve just never been particularly good at it. I apply a tiny amount of Pretty Vulgar’s Under Cover Concealer ($21.00USD/$30.00CAD). After my concealer is set, I apply a light layer of bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation ($32.00USD/$38.00CAD) and blend it into my skin. I glide Nars Orgasm blush ($30.00USD/$39.00CAD) onto my cheeks to add some warmth back into my face. To add some glow, I apply The Balms’s Mary-Lou Manizer ($24.00USD/$32.00CAD). I use a small amount of Bellápierre Cosmetics HD Finishing Powder to make sure everything stays in place ($35.00USD/$45.00CAD) and my face is completed!

Finally, the last step for me is to apply some lipstick. Today, I wore Bite Beauty’s Fig ($24.00USD/$30.00CAD) and voilà my makeup is done!

Fast forward 9 hours and it’s time to take my makeup off! I use a combination of Garnier Micellar Water ($5.00USD/$9.00CAD) and Farmacy’s Very Cherry Clean Cleansing Balm ($34.00USD/$45.00CAD) to remove my makeup. Farmacy’s Cleansing Balm is amazing! This product removes all my makeup and doesn’t irritate my eyes. Plus, it has the most amazing cherry scent.

It’s time for the moment of truth. How much did applying my makeup and removing it cost? The final total came in at a massive $460.50USD and $603.00CAD! I was genuinely worried the final total would be much higher, but that’s still so much! It’s worth noting I received many of these products through Boxycharm or value sets. I did not purchase each of these items individually. Even with that said, I might be adopting a no buy lifestyle for awhile.

Have you ever added up the total amount of money you spent on your makeup look? If you have, were you surprised by the number? Let me know.

Stay safe out there,


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