ColourPop: The Child Eyeshadow Palette Review

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there was a character so adorable he needed his own dedicated eyeshadow palette. ColourPop Cosmetic released the Child palette inspired by the cutest sidekick in the galaxy – Baby Yoda. The second I saw this palette I knew I had to add it to my collection! Let’s find out if this Baby Yoda palette is as lovable as the character who inspired it.

ColourPop describes this palette as “This monochromatic olive green palette features a range of finishes from matte, metallic, and our iconic Super Shock formula. Create the cutest looks in the galaxy with the fun olives, golds, and neutral tones“.


Let’s use the force to crack open this palette and check out the shades. The Child palette contains 9 shades in several different finishes. Beginning with the shimmers, there are four shimmer shades in this palette Precious Cargo (white gold metallic), Right Hand Mando (greenish/gold pewter), Sipping Soup (medium green) and The Force (medium gold).

All of the shimmer have a beautiful green shift to them. I was really happy with these shimmers, Sipping Soup and Right Hand Mando are particularly great. Both shades went on evenly with nice pigmentation and texture. Precious Cargo was slightly less pigmented than the other shimmers, but it works perfectly for an inner corner highlight which is where I would apply it anyway. The Force is a beautiful shade, but it had a flakier texture and benefited from being applied with a finger. All the shimmers wore for 6+ hours before I noticed any fading or creasing. All four shades had minimal fallout out.

The mattes in this palette are nice. There are five matte shades included in this palette Just Like a Tatooine (light peachy brown), Baby Face (mint green), Little Frog (medium olive green), Float Your Crib (dark olive green) and Droid Protocol (dark reddish brown).

My favourite mattes were Little Frog and Float Your Crib, both shades had a nice silky texture. In addition, both shades had small visible sparkles. The sparkles did adhere to my lid, but mostly faded away when blended. Just Like a Tatooine was nice, but not as pigmented as I wanted. I own many similar shades and it’s definitely not the best quality one. Baby Face a a beautiful shade, the pigmentation is good, but there was noticeable creasing within 2-3 hours. Droid Protocol was richly pigmented and blended well. All the mattes blended nicely and were easy to work with. Some shades were slightly more powdery than others, but nothing major. None of the mattes had major fallout or issues. Overall, the shadow performance in this palette was Jedi worthy.

The Child palette contains 9.00g (0.3oz) of product.


Now, onto the main event! ColourPop nailed it with this packaging! When I first saw Baby Yoda I never imagined him as an eyeshadow palette, but The Child palette is a perfect representation of the Mandalorian’s most iconic character. There is so much attention to detail throughout this palette. The perfect smiling Baby Yoda on the front, the little frog on the bottom left corner and the “cutest in the galaxy” message on the mirror make this palette so easy to love. I just adore this palette. Plus, the shade names are so good! Every shadow name related to the Mandalorian and little Baby Yoda – I love it! The packaging is lightweight cardboard, so The Child would be easy to travel with – though an actual Baby Yoda would be less easy to travel with as demonstrated in The Mandalorian.


This palette is so much fun! I didn’t expect a brand to come out with a Baby Yoda palette, but I’m so glad ColourPop did. The Child is such a fun release and really fits the brand. I anticipate more brands will be releasing collaborations like this. Makeup will become a staple of merchandising like plush toys. Honestly, I’m not mad at the idea. If ColourPop wants to release some lightsaber brushes, I’m all for it!

Personally, I love green shades. I have light brown eyes so olive tones work well for me. Every shade in this palette except the two browns have a green undertone and I love it. If you’re not into Baby Yoda, Star Wars or green eyeshadow this palette won’t be for you though.

One small issue I experienced with this palette was one of the pans is quite loose. The pan containing The Force wiggles around a lot. I will likely need to re-adhere it to the palette, so it doesn’t fall out. Plus, the shadow spills out of the pan and gets glitters all over the mirror and other shades. It looks like the pan wasn’t placed properly in the palette. I’ve only purchased one other ColourPop palette, so I’m not sure if this is a common issue or not. It’s annoying to constantly need to clean the palette, but that’s my only problem with it.

The Child retails for $16.00 USD (approximately $21.00CAD), so it’s a great price. I live in Canada, so the shipping does add to the cost. Shipping to Canada cost $9.99USD (approximately $13.00CAD) for ColourPop orders. With shipping, the palette ends up costing around $35.00 CAD, but still cheaper than most Sephora brands I regularly purchase from. All in all, it’s a great little palette for a good price.

Currently, the Child palette is out of stock on the ColourPop website, but hopefully a restock will be coming in the near future. There is an option to sign up for a email notification when The Child comes back in stock here.

UPDATE: The Child is back in stock! Check it out here.

This Baby Yoda palette makes me so happy! I own several green palettes and this one is my favourite so far. Plus, it’s literally the cutest eyeshadow palette in the galaxy! I imagine this palette will be my makeup companion on the regular.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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