Becca Cosmetics: Mini Barbie Ferreira Prismatica Light Essentials Kit Review

This may or may not be the longest name of any holiday set released in 2020. The product name might be long, but the highlighters are miniature. I’ve always wanted to try Becca Cosmetics highlighters, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to test out three shades for the price of one full sized. Let’s bust open these highlights and see what’s poppin’!

Becca Cosmetics describes this set as “This set includes three shades of the number-one highlighter in the U.S. in ultra-giftable, prismatic packaging for the holidays. Unlike traditional pressed-powder highlighters, these formulas blend ultra-fine pearl pigments with liquid for an ultra-buttery texture and a natural, luminous glow. This set provides three times the glow for your holiday look”.


Champagne Pop – soft, golden with pinky-peach pearl. This highlighter is so pigmented! I applied this highlight to my face and it was a ray of light. The shade is very warm toned, shiny and beautiful. I’m super pale, so this shade is dark for me, but it’s so pretty. It applied smoothly and didn’t enhance the texture of my skin. Champagne Pop is very sparkly and lasted for 7+ hours on me.

Rose Quartz – neutral, pale pink with soft, golden pearl. This highlighter is so gorgeous! I love a pink highlight and this one is nearly perfect. Rose Quartz gave my cheeks the most stunning glow and it worked so well with my skin tone. Rose Quartz wasn’t as intense as Champagne Pop. It blended well into my skin and didn’t enhance texture. It lasted very well on my face, wearing for 7+ hours.

Vanilla Quartz – creamy, light-golden with pink pearl. Vanilla Quartz is also beautiful! I’m so happy with shade. Like the other highlights in this set Vanilla Quartz blends well and has lovely pigmentation. Vanilla Quartz was more similar to Rose Quartz and was not as sparkly as Champange Pop. Vanilla Quartz has similar wear time to the other two shades at 7+ hours.

Rose Quartz and Vanilla Quartz are very easy to build up. I could easily apply one light layer or add more product to get an intense glow. The texture of the highlighters is very nice. The texture is soft, but not flaky. I could easily apply these highlights with a brush or with my finger. All these shades blend super well. I don’t usually apply highlighter with my finger, but it can easily be done with these shades.

Each mini highlighter contains .085 oz/2.4g of product.


The packaging in this set is interesting. Each highlighter is packaged individually. I’m torn about whether I would prefer these highlighters to be in a palette format. I feel like these might be difficult to keep track of because they’re tiny. The plastic packaging the highlights came in isn’t practical to keep, so I’ll have to figure the best way to store these. They would be easy to travel with or carry with you throughout the day. Though, I think I would prefer if the highlights were grouped in palette form.

On a positive note, each highlighter contains a small mirror which I wasn’t expecting. I own some full sized highlighters that don’t have a mirror included, so it’s nice to see in a mini.


Not going to lie, I don’t know who Barbie Ferreria is. I wasn’t interested in the this set because of the name on it. I had always wanted to try a Becca highlight, but I didn’t want to pay the $38.00USD/$50.00CAD for one highlighter shade. Becca does sell mini highlighters individually, but even those are a sizable $22.00USD/$29.50CAD. With that in mind, I was stoked to see this set offering three shades for $35.00USD/$47.00CAD.

A full sized Becca highlighter contains 0.25 oz/7g of products. The minis in this set contain .085 oz/2.4g each. So, I’m trying three shades for the price of one, that’s a good deal in my book.

I never finish full sized highlighters. There’s so much product included that even if I used the same one everyday it would take forever to finish. I like having these smaller products that I will be able to completely use. Plus, sets like this offer a great opportunity to try multiple shades.

Rose Quartz and Vanilla Quartz work best for me because I’m very pale. Champange Pop gets too dark for me very quickly, so I have to be very careful with how much product I apply. If your skin tone is darker than mine all of these shades will work well. The performance of each highlighter is very similar, so there isn’t a dud included which is great.

This set is currently on sale! The price is listed as $25.00USD/$39.99CAD. It’s a fun little holiday set. If you don’t own many highlights or have never tried Becca Cosmetics this set would be a great place to start. The glow these highlights give me face is wonderful, I’m very happy with this purchase.

Stay safe out there,


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