Top 5: Brands I Tried in 2020 for the First Time

Finally, the never ending year is coming to as close! 2020 wasn’t what anyone wanted, but during quarantine I had more extra time than usual to try new makeup products. I explored several new brands I’d never tried before. I thought it would be fun to look back on the new brands I purchased from in 2020. Some of these brands won’t be new to many people, but they were new to me. Let’s take a look back at some of the brands I tested in 2020!

1.) ColourPop Cosmetics

ColourPop is definitely not a new brand to many people, but I had never bought anything from the brand until 2020. I had a terrible experience trying to order from the brand a few years ago. To keep a long story short – I placed an order and my package was lost in the mail. It took months for customer service to acknowledge my order was lost and provide a refund. That experience left a bad taste in my mouth and I didn’t bother trying to order from ColourPop again until 2020. I decided to give ordering from ColourPop another shot when the Sailor Moon collection was released in Summer 2020. Thankfully, the brand has greatly improved its shipping to Canada since my last order and everything went smoothly. I enjoyed my Pretty Guardian palette enough to purchase The Child palette and one of the Sailor Moon blushes. The value for money is great with ColourPop and I’ve been happy with the items I’ve tried. Plus, the brand releases new collections at a ridiculous rate, so there’s always something new to checkout. I will be buying from ColourPop in the future.

2.) Natasha Denona

I was always very intrigued by Natasha Denona’s products. The packaging is very appealing, the colour stories are always gorgeous. Plus, Natasha Denona products are super hyped on social media, so I wanted to try the brand for myself. The only issue was finding something I wanted within my budget. Nothing from Natasha Denona comes cheap, so I was excited earlier in 2020 to see the Love palette released. I love (no pun intended) pink and red eyeshadow, so I figured I could justify the price if I could consistently use every shade in the palette. I was happy with the palette and I used it a lot. I haven’t purchased another palette from Natasha Denona yet though. The high price point is still an issue for me. But, I did receive one of her mini palettes in my November Boxycharm and I have purchased one of her blush duos and I really like it. So, my Natasha Denona collection is expanding.

3.) Farmacy

I wasn’t familiar with Farmacy at all before receiving products from the brand through Boxycharm. Earlier in 2020, I got the Very Cherry Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm. Not to be dramatic, but this product was life changing for me. I always struggled removing all my makeup. My eyes are sensitive, so many products are uncomfortable for me to use or just straight up burn my eyes. Very Cherry Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm might be a crazy long product name, but it works amazingly. It literally melts my makeup away with no irritation! Plus, it smells unbelievably good! Since using the cleansing balm, I have purchased the Cherry Up Eye Cream and I’m equally as happy with it. Luckily, I found a new favourite brand I will definitely be purchasing from in 2021.

4.) Viseart

A little Viseart palette sneaked in under the Christmas tree for me this year. As a self confessed eyeshadow palette addict I really wanted to try Viseart’s palettes. The shades selection is always very cohesive and appealing in Viseart palettes, but I had never purchased one. Luckily, one was purchased for me. The Midsommer palette I received is very pretty, but very small. I’m happy I got to play with a new palette I wanted at this end of the year. I’m not sure how many more Viseart palette I’ll add to my collection because of how small they are, but who knows? I like the shadow and maybe one day they’ll be useful for travel.

5.) Storybook Cosmetics

Storybook Cosmetics makes the most beautiful makeup products available. I always wanted to try the brand for so long and 2020 was finally the year. I have two of the mini storybook palettes, Little Red Riding Hood and Robin Hood. Both palettes are so beautifully detailed and well made. They feel and look like they’re real books! The shadows are great quality, there’s nothing to complain about. I’m hoping to try the brushes offered by Storybook Cosmetics in 2021. I desperately want makeup brushes that look like roses or magic wands in my life. There’s no doubt I’ll be buying more Storybook Cosmetics products in the future.

Those were my Top 5 new brands I purchased from in 2020. Looking back on 2020, makeup was a big refuge from the stress of the world for me. Trying a new pretty product made me smile. There wasn’t much else to be happy about this year, so I’m thankful to be in a position to try new brands and products. Overall, I was quite happy with the new brands I tried in 2020. Did you try any new brands or products I should know about in 2020?

Stay safe out there,


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