Top 5: Makeup Brands I Want to Try in 2021

2021 can’t come fast enough! Things won’t snap back to normal when the calendar flips, but the hope of a new year is always a moral boost. To that point, I have a companion piece to my post about brands I tried for the first time in 2020. I tend to purchase from the same brands over and over again, but I would like to experiment more in 2021. Today, I’ve got a list of five brands I would like to test out in 2021.

1.) Tom Ford

I love Tom Ford! He has a wildly successful fashion brand, he directs movies with A list casts, he creates luxury makeup – his career is literally a dream! I’m a big fan of Tom Ford the man and his makeup line. Unfortunately, only his movies are accessible to me on my budget for the most part. But, I am determined to save my money and buy myself a Tom Ford makeup product! The brand just looks luxurious. Owning a full sized Tom Ford lipstick has been on my wish list for a years. A full sized Too Ford lipsticks retails $55.00USD/ $73.00CAD, so I’ll be saving for awhile. I’d also love to try one of his blushes, but those are even more expensive retailing at $63.00USD/$84.00.

2.) Melt Cosmetics

Melt Cosmetics is such an interesting brand. I love the darker aesthetic and unique concepts the brand delivers. There aren’t many brands bold enough to release a cannabis themed palette, but Melt Cosmetics always has something different to offer. I’ve follower one of the founders Lora Arellano on Instagram for years and her makeup style is so dramatic and stunning. I was so disappointed I missed out on the Beetle Juice palette release in 2020. My goal is to try a product from Melt this year. I have my eye on Digital Dust Blush Duo at the moment.

3.) Give Me Glow Cosmetics

I want to support more indie brands in 2021. One that I’ve been very interested in is Give Me Glow Cosmetics. The brand offers a good range of products and their palettes are gorgeous. I specifically want to purchase the Vintage Rose palette or the Vivid Rose palette. I love when a brand actually match the theme of the palette with the shadows included. I live in Canada, so shipping from USA based indie brands is usually really expensive. I’ll have to save up because Give Me Glow Cosmetics also offers a cinnamon bun themed palette.

4.) Wayne Goss

I want to try Wayne Goss’s brand so badly! Like millions of others I’ve watched Wayne on YouTube for years, so much of what I know about makeup I learned from him. I with so thrilled for him when he announced he was launching his own makeup line. His brush line has been available for a few years and I want to buy a Wayne Goss brush and a any of his makeup products. I just want to try Wayne’s brand. He’s one of the few Youtubers I trust and I really just want to support him. His products are on the pricey side – but I will own a Wayne Goss item in 2021! If nothing else, I will make this happen!

5.) Juvia’s Place

I’ve watched the Juvia’s Place grow over the last few years. The brands releases such beautiful palettes! Plus, the brand is very inclusive and has a great story behind it I’ve wanted to try something from the brand for awhile, but again, being in Canada makes shipping expensive. Juvia’s Place is an Ulta brand and Ulta ships to Canada, so I plan to do a big Ulta order sometime in 2021. I’ll be happy if I can get a few different brands in one Ulta order. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get my hands on the Coral Bliss palette.

Those are the Top 5 brands I want to try in 2021. There are many others I’d like to order from, but these are the main ones I’ve been interested in for a long time. Let me know if you’ve tried anything from these brands. What did you think of the products if you have tried them out?

Stay safe out there


4 thoughts on “Top 5: Makeup Brands I Want to Try in 2021

  1. I’ve tried Juvia’s Place and I love it! I have 5 eye shadow palettes and one blush palette by them. I have the Coral one and I think you’ll really like it! The only Juvia’s Place product I didn’t like was their concealer/foundation. I’m trying their new red lipstick when it gets here.

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