Viseart: Petite Pro Midsommer Palette Review

I really wanted to try Viseart eyeshadow in 2020. Luckily, Viseart Petite Pro Midsommer palette was under the Christmas tree for me! This little slice of warm midsommer from Viseart is one of the tiniest eyeshadow palette I own – they don’t call it Petite Pro for nothing. Let’s play around with this Midsummer Night’s Dream themed palette. Hopefully, this palette is punching above its weight!

Viseart describes this palette as “This palette is an ode to those enchanting midsummer evenings enveloped in dreams of love. Inspired by the magic of A Midsummer Night‘s Dream—where love, myth, and mother nature intertwine—the collection of soft, cool mattes and shimmers will weave a beautiful spell, capturing your heart”.


Let’s pop this palette open! Firstly, let’s talk about the summery shimmers. This palette contains three shimmer shades including, Faerie (shimmering, light champagne-pink), Potion (shimmering, muted burgundy with gold-pink reflectivity) and Changeling (nude rose sheen with a blue duo-chrome finish). These shimmers are sheer. These are not the kind of shadows that give an opaque look. Changeling in particular is stunning, but it took a lot of digging into the shadow with my brush to get the pigmentation I wanted. Faerie was similar, quite sheer and sparkly, but little pigmentation. Potion is described as a shimmer, but as far as I can tell it’s a matte with micro glitters masquerading as a shimmer. The glitters did adhere to my skin and the Potion was easy to work with. I’m just not sure why it’s listed as a shimmer when it isn’t?

Moving on to the marvellous, midsommer, mattes! There are five true mattes in this palette Eglantine (matte, cool light beige), Cupidon (matte, light pink-brown), Puck (matte, mid-toned brown), Midsommer (matte, muted raspberry) and Titania (matte, muted purple-gray). These matte all performed similarly. The five kicked up a little product when I dipped my brush into the pan. All five blended well and were nicely pigmented. There’s limited fall out with these matte and they wore well for 7+ hours.

This palette contains 0.28 oz/ 8g of product.


There’s no two ways about it, this palette is tiny. The Midsommer Petite Pro palette basically fits in the palm of my hand – and I have small hands. This palette takes up limited space in my makeup drawer which is nice for a change! There’s a little tab on the outside to pull the palette open. Plus, there’s miniature mirror on the inside. In terms of packaging, this palette isn’t anything special, but it would be easy to carry around in a purse or travel bag.


In terms of how the shadows perform, this palette is good quality. Lots of people like a more subtle, subdued eyeshadow look. That’s not usually what I got for, but I’m starting to like a less dramatic look sometimes. I got a number of pretty looks out of this palette that I will definitely wear again. I found the shadows looked more mauve when applied and I felt that complimented my skin-tone, so I’m happy.

On a less positive note, there isn’t much shade variety in this palette. Four of the five matte look very similar. Midsommer is the only matte that is distinctive in this palette. The shadows play well together, but blend into one another and look like one colour because the shades are so similar.

In addition, some of the pans in my palette were crooked. One looks like it’s trying to burst out of the palette. The shadows are not damaged, but I don’t like the way it looks. It annoys me because I don’t like imperfections. I’m the type of person who checks the stitching on plush toys for imperfections before I buy them, so it bothers me when pans are out of line.

I’m torn on this palette. The shadows are nice, the colours are nice…there’s nothing particularly wrong with it. I just can’t reconcile the price versus how much product is included. This is an expensive palette. Midsommer Petite Pro retails for $30.00USD/$40.00CAD – a hefty price tag for only 28 oz/ 8g of product. I remember why I never bought a Viseart palette pre-pandemic. I used to go to Sephora, look at Viseart palettes and decide they were too small and expensive. I received this as a gift, so I’m happy with it. But, I don’t think I could say I would purchase it for myself. This palette is just nice and I wanted more considering how much it costs.

I’m glad I got to try Viseart shadows. The formula is nice and easy to work with. If you’re looking for a good palette to wear to work or you’re after a less dramatic eye-look this is would be a good one to consider. Though, I am hoping the next new palette I try will have more flare.

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6 thoughts on “Viseart: Petite Pro Midsommer Palette Review

  1. Its such a shame, as you say, a lot of the shades are very similar.. but it does look really pretty! I’ve always wanted to try a Viseart palette, so it sounds like the formula is really nice, I just may pick up a different palette!

    Katie |

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