Top 5: January 2021 Favourites

January 2021 has come and gone. Fortunately, lockdown rules are loosening a bit where I live, so things are looking a tiny bit brighter. I thought it would be fun to share a few favourites things that got me through a quiet, quarantine January. This blog focuses mostly on makeup, but I would like to try sharing some things that aren’t solely makeup related. So, let’s jump into my favourite things of January 2021!

Smoko Slippers

If you’re unfamiliar Smoko, they’re a lifestyle brand that sells quirky products for homes and offices. I desperately needed a new pair of slippers. My old pair had worn down to nearly nothing, so I decided to invest in my feet and upgrade. These Smoko slippers are so cute! The little dumpling face is everything. In addition to being adorable, these slippers are heated! They come with a little USB cord, so I can easily plug my slippers into my computer while working from home. I have toasty, warm, dumpling feet now and I couldn’t be happier about it! I purchased these slippers on the Urban Outfitters website, where there’s a whole line of Smoko dumpling products to discover!

The Mandalorian

I’m not huge into Star Wars stuff. I haven’t seen all the movies. I got my Disney + subscription because I am hugely obsessed with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I needed Disney Plus + to watch WandaVision the first MCU television series. Though, I thought it was silly to get a subscription service only to watch one show, so I decided to give the Mandalorian a try because of all the Baby Yoda memes. This show was wonderful and a lot of fun to watch. There’s action, beautiful cinematography and a classic good vs evil story with fantastic writing. The unlikely pairing of Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian makes for a surprisingly sweet story. Luckily, you don’t need to be a Star Wars obsessive to enjoy the Mandalorian. I greatly enjoyed this show and it’s interesting array of characters. There’s never a dull moment with Mando and Baby Yoda flying around a galaxy far, far away.

Elemis Superfood Cleanser

I have owned this product for awhile. When I first got this product I couldn’t make it work for me. I used the cleansing foam as directed, but my skin would burn after use. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Most reviews online I found were fantastic. Recently, I figured out I was leaving the product on my skin too long. My skin doesn’t burn after use anymore! My skin feels nice and clean. I’ve been using the Superfood Cleanser and my Farmacy Daily Greens moisturizer and my skin looks great. The redness in my skin has been reduced and I’m loving this combination.

Jan Levinson Funko Pop

I love The Office! Plus, I collect Funko Pop figures. So, when I saw that Jan Levinson from the Dinner Party episode was being released as a Funko I needed to have it. This figure is so detailed. Everything from Jan’s hair to her outfit and shoes matches the episode perfectly. Jan is even holding a little candle and a wine glass with a bit of meat in it. The Dinner Party episode is one of my favourites from the whole show, so seeing so many details represented in this figure is great. This is defiantly one of my favourite Funko’s in my collection.

David’s Tea Chocolate Strawberry Tea

There’s nothing like a piping hot cup of tea on a cold day. I ordered a few different teas from David’s Tea during the Black Friday sale in November. The shipping was very slow, but everything eventually arrived about 6 weeks after placing my order. I started brewing a pot of chocolate covered strawberry tea a few nights a week. This tea is delicious, it does actually taste like chocolate covered strawberries! This tea is also caffeine free which I like. I’m almost out at this point, so I’ll need to restock soon.

Well, those were a few things I’ve been enjoying for the past month. My heart just wasn’t ready for how cute Baby Yoda in action truly is. I’m still not over the ending of the Mandalorian. Let me know if you’ve watched the show or if there’s anything else on Disney + I should be checking out.

Stay safe out there,


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