Nars: Audacious Lipstick (Augustine) Review

I splurged! I’m not usually someone who purchases expensive lipsticks, but these pretty little butterflies just called to me. I really liked the look of the Nars Claudette collection. Everything is so elegant and pretty, I wasn’t sure what to choose. I decided to go with a taupe lipstick called Augustine. Nars lipsticks aren’t cheap, so let’s see if this lipstick is worth the price.

Nars describes their new Claudette line of lipsticks as “A muse, bouche. Four new shades of the cult-favorite luxury satin lip formula, named for the most inspiring women in François’ life: his mother, Claudette Augustine; and grandmothers, Léa and Ginette. Audacious Lipstick glides on like satin across lips with single-stroke coverage. Bold, ultra-saturated color feels hydrating and stays put—without bleeding or feathering”.


Augustine is a lovely taupe nude shade with a cream finish. It’s rare what a brand claims about a lipstick is true, but this lipstick really does go on with one stroke! The pigmentation is very smooth and even. I can easily glide the product over my lips and get an opaque application in basically one go. Augustine did not cling to dry patches or enhance my natural lip lines. I was so impressed! Once applied, this lipstick is very comfortable to wear and lightly hydrating. I genuinely forget I’m wearing it – I feel like that’s a very good sign! I got very good wear time, roughly 6-7 hours. This lipstick doesn’t need to be fully reapplied after eating, but it does fade a bit.


This packaging is so stunning! This lipstick feels fancy and looks fancy! There’s definitely some weight to this bullet. The packaging throughout the Claudette collection is slightly different with each item. There are four Audacious lipsticks available in the collection one with stars (Lea), one with hearts (Claudette), one with a four leaf clover (Ginette) and the one I chose the butterflies (Augustine). The little red butterflies are so pretty, feminine and sophisticated. I want everything in this collection, so I can have all the matching red and black packaging.

This product contains 0.14 Oz./4.2grams of product. This lipstick was made in the USA.


I really like the shade of this lipstick. It’s pretty and neutral, but it’s different from the rose pinks I usually wear. I’ll definitely wear this lipstick often. Plus, this lipstick cost $34.00USD/$43.00CAD, so I’m glad I picked a shade I’ll wear often. I don’t want an expensive lipstick sitting in my drawer collecting dust.

The whole Claudette collection is inspired by the mother of Nars founder Francois Nars. I think it’s so interesting Nars released a collection inspired by a strong, influential women important to the history of Nars. This theme is so much better than so many of the ridiculous stuff other brands are releasing. I really like the design of this collection, so I might purchase other items from the Claudette collection.

The formula is great, the colour is great I don’t have anything negative to say about this product. It’s expensive, but Nars is a luxury brand. If the product delivers the quality I want and expect, I don’t mind paying for an excellent lipstick.

Let me know if you’ve tried anything from the Nars Claudette collection. Check out the full collection here.

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4 thoughts on “Nars: Audacious Lipstick (Augustine) Review

  1. This lipstick shade is stunning!! I love Nars Audacious lipsticks, they are so comfortable to wear and they glide in so smoothly. I haven´t tried the Nars Claudette collection yet but this Augustine lipstick is defenitely worth buying!

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