Makeup Resurrection: Top 5 Palettes I Need to Use More

I own enough eyeshadow to last until the end of my days. Some products catch my attention and manage to stay at the top of my makeup drawer. Other palettes I only use a few times and they end up ghosted or forgotten. These palettes have been relegated to my makeup graveyard. I want to resurrect these palettes, get them back into my regular makeup rotation and rekindle the feeling of excitement I had when I first purchased them. Let’s take a lot at a few lesser loved palettes in my collection.

Too Faced – Just Peachy Mattes

Too Faced has a great matte formula. The mattes are usually my favourite in any Too Faced palette. When I bought the Just Peachy Mattes palette I assumed I would use a palette full of Too Faced mattes often, but I haven’t. The quality of Just Peachy Matte is lovely, but I rarely create all matte looks, so I don’t find myself reaching for this palette. Plus, for the last few years I’ve been more into colourful shadow, so a completely matte and neutral palette hasn’t received the love it deserves. I’m planning to put this product at the top on my palette pile. Hopefully, I’ll get more regular use out of it.

Lorac – Pro 2 Eyeshadow Palette

I remember when I bought this palette. Lorac isn’t sold at Sephora in Canada, so it’s harder to find here. A few years ago Lorac was all the rage on Youtube, so I wanted to try the brand. My family was in the USA, so I decided to stop at Kohl’s and pick up a few things and this palette was one of them. I was so happy to have a product I had seen so many influencers use. The shadows are nice and I enjoyed using it. This palette has 16 shades ranging from neutrals to a deep navy. I’m not sure why I don’t reach for it often. Like, there really is no good reason I don’t use this palette more. I want to use it, I will use it.

Urban Decay – Jean Michel Basquiat (Face Palette)

I love the look of this palette. I wanted the packaging because Jean Michal Basquiat was such an incredible and unique artist. I wanted a piece if his imagery, but I knew most of the colours in this palette were too dark for me. If I recall correctly, I got this palette on sale. I really like the X-Rated blush and the Now’s The Time highlighter. Jawbone is too dark for me and I need to be careful with Noho because it can get way too intense on my skin tone quickly. I know I don’t use this palette because the shades are a tad too dark, but I still love it! The design of this palette is so great, I won’t declutter it, so I need to focus on using it.

Marc Jacobs – Eyeconic

I really like the colour story of this palette. I love the green and grungy tone of this palette, but I rarely use it. The shades in this palette are slightly dark for everyday use, so it doesn’t get used everyday. The shade Making a Scene is stunning! Making a Scene and Next Season are definitely the shadows I have used the most in this palette. Plus, the Marc Jacobs eyeshadow formula is very nice to work with, so I need to make an effort to use this palette more. I’ll pretend I’m going somewhere and create some dark, smokey, green looks to wear around the house. This palette was expensive, so I need to reconnect with it.

Tarte – Park Avenue Princess

I was so excited to have this palette when I first got it. I received it as a gift for signing up for a Boxycharm subscription a few years ago. I’m not someone who buys many contouring products, so having a full palette full of face products to contour, bronze and highlight seemed great! But, I don’t contour my face often. I’m super pale, so bronzer and contour start to look crazy very quickly. I want to get better at applying these types of products, so I need to use this palette more. The shades blend very well, so it’s not a quality issue. I need to practice more with this palette and get more confident wearing it!

So, there’s a few of palettes I want to get reacquainted with. These aren’t bad products by any means, but they are products that have made their way to the bottom of my makeup drawer. I need to spend some quality time with these palettes and show them some love. What’s the underused product in your collection?

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4 thoughts on “Makeup Resurrection: Top 5 Palettes I Need to Use More

  1. I’m like you when it comes to contouring. It just goes from zero to drag queen wannabe (emphasis on “wannabe” because those queens know how to snatch themselves) in 0.2 strokes of a brush. I need to get better at it. I’ve wanted that Tarte palette before, but I managed to talk myself out of it 🙂

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