Boxycharm: April 2021 Base Box

It’s that exciting time of month yet again! My Boxycharm April Base Box has arrived and it’s a good one folks. I haven’t done a Boxycharm post in awhile. I got a few boxes I wasn’t pleased with and the shipping was excessively slow. I felt like I was too far behind the eight ball to post my boxes the last couple months. Luckily, my April box arrived quickly! So, let’s jump in and see what Boxy has to charm me with this month.

Natasha Denona | Ayana Eyeshadow Palette

I won the Boxycharm lottery this month with this little palette! I was so please to get this pocket Natasha Denona palette. I’ve wanted the larger Glam palette since it was released, but I hesitated on purchasing it because of the price tag. Now I have the Ayana palette I basically have a mini Glam, so I don’t feel I need the big one. Ayana performs well enough. I experience some patchiness when blending the two darker mattes. The lightest matte blend well and was nicely pigmented. The shimmers applied super nicely, very pigmented and smooth, with minimal fallout. Though, the wear time wasn’t great. The light shimmer (Satin Skin) was completely gone after 6-7 hours of wear. I used my good primer and some setting spray and it still faded quicker than most eyeshadow on me. Glam Green lasted longer, but still faded quite quickly. The mattes didn’t have the same fading issue, so the was a plus.

StudioMakeup | Tinted Moisturizer

This was my choice item for the month. I wanted a tinted moisturizer, so I figured it would be a good idea to try one in my Boxycharm box. I was pleasantly surprised how well the shade matched my skin tone. It blended into my skin well enough, but it did cling to some dry patches on my cheek. This product offers a very dewy look, so it was different to what I usually wear. I like a matte face, so this was out of my comfort zone. It is very moisturizing, my skin felt soft and hydrated after wearing this. I need to get more used to the dewy look, but other than that this was a nice product. Sadly, I somehow misplaced it today, but when I track it down I’ll wear it again.

Eloise Beauty | Get Gleaming Body Glow

This type of product just isn’t for me. I’m pale, so this just looks like I rubbed shiny dirt on my skin. I know some people like the shimmery glow look for summer, but I am not one of those people. I’ll very likely be giving this product away to someone who might use it. Luckily, I liked the other items in this months box enough to make up for this one.

Flirtacious Looks Cosmetics | Monarch Lash Pack

These lashes are very pretty. I don’t have much need to wear false lashes these days while working from home, but I’m glad to have these for the future when the world is open again. There is two pairs of lashes in this set Baby Girl which is an angled lash offering a cat eye look and Charmer is a rounded lash which provides a more doll like look. This set also comes with an applicator, so it will be easier to apply them when the time comes. Though, it did not come with lash glue. I can’t wait to wear these!

Terre de Mars | 008 Reddition Body Cleanser

Evidently, this product is an organic low-foaming, aromatic and soft cleansing gel suitable for all skin types. I wasn’t sure exactly what is was when I opened my box. It has a sweet scent that isn’t too strong. After working the product into my skin, everything felt soft and smooth. My hands in particular felt hydrated and super soft. I’ll definitely be using this product a lot. We’ve been experiencing a random cold snap where I live and my skin has been dry. I’m glad to have a fancy, nice smelling product to cleanse and moisturize with. Though, I did have a few minor scratches from my cat’s nails, nothing serious at all. When this product came into contact with my little scratch it did burn, so just be mindful of any cuts or scraps you may have when applying this product.

There you have it! My April Boxycharm box. Overall, this month was a great Boxycharm month. I was pleased to received 4 out of 5 items this month. I’ve been considering cancelling my subscription solely because I just have so much stuff to work through, but I think I’ll hold out another month and see what I get. I’ve already selected my choice item for May. I’m already looking forward to it.

Stay safe out there,


4 thoughts on “Boxycharm: April 2021 Base Box

  1. This Boxicharm Box looks really good! I think I would be very happy with all items except for the Monarch Lash Pack. I have never worn fake eyelashes. I have very sensitive eyes and I can´t wear them.

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    1. I was happy with everything except the Eloise product. I’ll give it away to someone who will use it. I want to get better at applying false lashes because my natural lashes are terrible lol.

      Liked by 1 person

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