Melt Cosmetics: Digital Dust Duo (Buzz Kill) Review

The wait is over! I finally got my hands on the Melt Cosmetics Digital Dust Duo in Buzz Kill. This product has been out of stock on the Sephora website for months. There aren’t many other ways to access Melt Cosmetics products in Canada, so I had to wait until Buzz Kill came back in stock. I was buzzing with excitement when the notification came in that Buzz Kill was available. Let’s found out if Buzz Kill is as sweet as honey!

Melt Cosmetics describes Bizz Kill as “Saturate yourself in this coral blush duo. Dust these hues all over your cheeks and body for a sweet and sugary glow. Kill blush doubles as a highlight”.


Buzz is luminous coral nectar blush. Buzz has a warm golden shimmer,it’s so stunning. This blush has a lovely texture to it. I was very pleased with how this blush performed. It’s very pigmented and true to colour when applied. I could easily blend it out and build it up. It’s so pigmented I need to be careful with how much I apply because it can be too much very quickly on my skin. Buzz wore well for hours. I started to notice significant fading after under 7 or 8 hours.

Kill is describes as a peach champagne. Kill is very warm toned with a sparkly finish to it. I used this shade as a highlight and it looks very pretty on the skin. Fair warning, Kill does have tiny glitters in it, but the glitters are very small and not chunky or gritty. Kill applied smooth despite the glitter which I appreciated. This blush is on the firm side. I was able to pick up product with my usual fluffy highlighter brush, but it applied best with a dense flat brush. Even with some glitter, Kill still looked beautiful and smooth on my face. I started to notice fading with this product around the 6 hour mark.

This Digital Dust Duo contains 7.00 g/ 0.24 oz of product. This product was made in Italy.


This product is so pretty! There’s so many little details I love throughout the duo I love. Even the box is beautiful! I really like the mustard yellow outer packaging. Plus, the little bee perched on the Melt Cosmetics logo is great. On the back of the compact there’s a glittery sticker showing the shades, the shade names and another little bee. I appreciate when brands include a sticker or some indication of what the colours are on the outside on the packaging.

Moving onto the inside, there’s a small mirror with honeycombs and yet another cute little bee. There’s also honeycombs and a bee embossed into the blush shade Buzz and more honeycombs imprinted into Kill. I love embossing, it’s so eye catching! But, it’s already starting to wear away. I want to use the product, but I want the embossing to stay intact – inner turmoil.

The packaging is creative and gorgeous. Though, I have noticed the product rattles and makes noise sometimes when I pick it up. I’m worried either the mirror or the face products are loose. I really don’t want anything to break, so I’m being extra careful handling it.


This is my first experience with Melt Cosmetics products. I wanted to try Melt in 2021, so I’ve officially knocked one thing off my makeup bucket list! Originally, I hesitated to purchase Buzz Kill because I thought it might be way too dark for me. For some reason this particular product isn’t sold in store at Sephora in Canada, so I couldn’t see it person before purchasing it. Luckily, the shades aren’t too strong for me. Though, Buzz is very pigmented as I mentioned earlier, so I need to be careful or it easily gets out of control.

I didn’t realize until after I bought this duo how similar Buzz was to Nars Orgasm. Both blushes are warmed toned peachy shades with golden shimmer. Swatched side by side there are differences between the two. Melt’s Buzz is more intensely pigmented and had less gold shimmer when swatched next to Orgasm. In my opinion, the shades are similar enough you probably don’t need to own both.

The product is marketed as a blush duo. I suppose it would be possible to wear Kill as a blush, but I don’t think I would. It’s a shimmery champagne, in my opinion, it would look strange on my face as a blush. Buzz and Kill can also be mixed together to form a super luminous blush. I always enjoy mixing products and seeing how the colour looks and changes, so I enjoy the fun of mixing these two together.

The Digital Dust Duos retail for $39.00USD/$52.69CAD, so they’re on the higher end of the scale on pricing.

I was excited to try this product. I’m glad it ended up working for me because I was genuinely worried it would be too dark. The photos on Sephora’s website made the colours look way deeper than they actually are. I’ll be wearing this duo all summer long! Buzz and Kill are perfect for warm, golden cheeks. I never tan, so it’s nice to bring some warmth to me face another way. The Digital Dust Duos come in two other shade varieties, both are considerably deeper than Buzz Kill. Click here to check out the other shade options.

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