The Balm Cosmetics: Foiled Again! Superhero Eyeshadow Review

I love the Balm Cosmetics. The Balm pours so much thought and originality into every product they release. The Foiled Again: Foil Eyeshadow Palette combines two of my favourite things – eyeshadow and superheroes. The cherry on top of this shimmer shadow sundae is the shades are superhero quality. Doing my makeup with Foiled Again makes me feel like I have superhuman eyeshadow skills. Let’s crack open this super palette and see what’s inside!

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Swatch Gallery: Kat Von D MetalMatte Mini

I’ve been playing with the idea of creating a Swatch Gallery on my blog. The MetalMatte mini has been in my collection since early last year. The shadows are stunning so I thought it would be a good palette to use in my first swatch post. So here goes nothing – my first swatch gallery post. 

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Urban Decay: On The Run Palette in (Shortcut) Review

Urban Decay never fails to grab my attention with their eyeshadow palettes. Lately, I’ve been trying to add functional palettes with lower shade counts to my collection. For that reason, I was beyond pumped when I saw the On The Run palettes announced. I had a hard time choosing which of the three new On the Run palettes to pick up – (I wanted them all). In the end, the rust and rose tones were speaking to me so I settled on Shortcut.

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Christmas Haul: Huda Beauty, Urban Decay + the Balm

Christmas 2018 has come and gone – luckily for me that means I have a few new palettes in my collection to play with. I’m extremely lucky to have brothers who are willing to buy me makeup and they made some good choices (I wrote a wish list). I had three new palettes under the tree this year! I’m stoked to finally try out Huda Beauty and add to my mountain of Urban Decay palettes. 🎄🎁✨🎅🏻


Huda Beauty Emerald Obsession – This pocket-sized palette packs a massive green punch! I’ve had my eye on this palette for a while and I was so happy to receive it for Christmas. I have light brown eyes, so I find green shades really pop on me. Brands rarely release green shadows, let only an entire palette offering a variety of greens with different finishes. The shades didn’t swatch particularly well but I found they applied well to my eyelid. I’ll be doing a full review of this palette once I’ve played with it more so stay tuned for that soon. Check out my full review here.










Urban Decay Naked Heat  – I’m one step closer to my goal of owning every palette in the Naked line! I was on the fence about buying Naked Heat for myself but I’m so glad it was under the tree this year! The packaging of Naked Heat is so beautiful and looks so stylish compared to my older Naked palettes. 

I’m late to the party but all the hype seems true with this one! The shadows are an improvement on the Naked formula for sure. All the shadows swatched beautifully, though some of the darker shades were dryer in texture. Some shades do look similar in the pan but when swatched or applied I can see the differences in them. I recently purchased the Naked Petite Heat (review here Urban Decay: Naked Petite Heat Review) when it was 50% off and a lot of the shades in Naked Heat are nearly identical. The quality seems awesome but I definitely have very similar shades in other palettes. 










The Balm Foiled Again  – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m a huge sucker for packaging. The Balm does unique and cute concepts better than almost any other brand. The detail and thought that went into the Foiled Again palette is fantastic! I love that the outside looks like a comic book and the inside looks like a newspaper. Even the shade names tell a story! Each row has a little narrative being told using the shade names. I just love when brands are creative with their presentation it makes using the palette that much more fun. 

The Foiled Again palette contains eight foiled shadows and four mattes. The foiled shadows are gorgeous and the mattes are perfect for my skintone. I used this palette for my Christmas day look. The shadows I used performed blended well and lasted for 8+ hours without fading on me. I can’t wait to get more use out of this crime fighting palette. Check out my full review here.










I love the products I received this Christmas. All three of these palette were things that I really wanted to try for different reasons. I love eyeshadow more than any other makeup product and I’m always so excited to add to my collection. Here’s hoping Santa is as good to me next year as he was this year! 🎅🏻🤩

To view other products I purchased this holiday season, please see the links below: 

Wander Beauty: Wandress Chill Palette Review

Introducing the Wandress Chill palette from Wander Beauty. Just looking at this palette gives me cool, winter vibes. The majestic mountain range on the cover of Wandress Chill looks as pretty and serene as the shades inside. This is my first purchase from Wander Beauty – the brand name alone caught my eye as a serial traveller. I thought I would give this enchanting, travel inspired brand a shot.

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Urban Decay: Naked Petite Heat Review

Urban Decay’s Naked Petite Heat has completed my Naked Basics collection! This little fireball was on sale at Sephora for 50% a few weeks back and I decided to pick it up. Who can resist an Urban Decay palette priced at only $18.00 CAD – I certainly can’t. This mini Naked Heat is packed with shades to support any warm, fiery eye look. 


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Naked Cherry: Purchase or Pass?

Over the years, I’ve collected a small museums worth of Urban Decay products. Myself like so many other makeup enthusiasts got my start in high end makeup with the original Naked Palette. I currently own 5 of the 6 previous Naked palettes. The more recent additions to the Naked Collection haven’t excited me but my desire to complete my set is strong. Should I cave to my desire to buy Naked Cherry and collect them all?

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Anastasia Beverly Hills: Norvina Palette Review

The Anastasia Beverly Hills, Norvina Palette is a cotton candy hued dream. The latest entry into ABH’s permanent line contains vibrant pinks, purples, along with functional neutrals. Using the colours in the palette I can’t help but feel like a shiny, purple, amethyst queen!

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Too Faced Tickled Peach Review: The Palette That Smiles Back

Too Faced Ticked Peach Palette is the cutest little peach on the makeup market. This limited edition, little sister to the Sweet Peach palette is so adorable just looking at it makes me feel all warm, fuzzy and ready for a peach look. 

Tickled Peach was one of the few Holiday 2018 palettes that caught my attention. Most brands released recycled versions of the same packaging and shades we see every year. Too Faced decided to mix it up and put out something unique and painfully adorable. The little blushing peach on the outer packaging with the embossed peaches makes Tickled Peach irresistibly appealing. 🍑


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