Makeup Resurrection: Top 5 Palettes I Need to Use More

I own enough eyeshadow to last until the end of my days. Some products catch my attention and manage to stay at the top of my makeup drawer. Other palettes I only use a few times and they end up ghosted or forgotten. These palettes have been relegated to my makeup graveyard. I want to resurrect these palettes, get them back into my regular makeup rotation and rekindle the feeling of excitement I had when I first purchased them. Let’s take a lot at a few lesser loved palettes in my collection.

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Too Faced: Cinnamon Bear Collection Review

Introducing the Too Faced Cinnamon Bear Limited Edition Eye, Cheek and Lip Makeup Collection. This collection has everything! Adorable embossed bears, cinnamon scented lipstick and a cute little red bag perfect for travel. I’m a big fan of berry tones and pink eyeshadow, so this collection was basically tailor made for me. Let’s find out if this cinnamon themed palette can warm my heart.

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Makeup Tourism: Too Faced’s London Flagship Store

I’m from a small city on the Canadian Prairies, we have Sephora and department stores with all the major brands, but we definitely don’t have brand exclusive shops. I’m always endlessly entertained by flagship stores. It’s magical to me! An entire shop filled with everything a brand has to offer. Recently, I visited London and I knew I had to squeeze in some makeup tourism and visit Too Faced’s pink, sparkly shop. 


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Too Faced Tickled Peach Review: The Palette That Smiles Back

Too Faced Ticked Peach Palette is the cutest little peach on the makeup market. This limited edition, little sister to the Sweet Peach palette is so adorable just looking at it makes me feel all warm, fuzzy and ready for a peach look. 

Tickled Peach was one of the few Holiday 2018 palettes that caught my attention. Most brands released recycled versions of the same packaging and shades we see every year. Too Faced decided to mix it up and put out something unique and painfully adorable. The little blushing peach on the outer packaging with the embossed peaches makes Tickled Peach irresistibly appealing. 🍑


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