Huda Beauty: Emerald Obsessions Review

Glistening green – this palette is gorgeous. I feel like I should be strapping on my ruby-red slippers and running off to the Emerald City! I’ve dreamt of an entirely green palette for so long. My makeup dreams came true when Huda Beauty released the Emerald Obsessions palette. This is my first Huda Beauty purchase – go green or go home, right? Let’s find out if Emerald Obsession lives up to the Huda hype! 


Huda Beauty describes Emerald Obsessions as, “A collection of nine creamy, metallic and duo chrome shadows inspired by the rich reflection of gemstones. Packed with stunning shades of amethyst, ruby, emerald, and sapphire, this palette is perfect for adding a hint of sparkle to the eyelids“. 


The 9 gorgeous green shades in Emerald Obsessions don’t have names I can find anywhere online. So I’ll be referring to them as Emerald 1, Emerald 2, etc.

  • Each pan contains 1.1 g./ 0.04 Oz. of product. 

Emerald 1 – this shade is an intense. Emerald 1 has a marvellous metallic finish with high shine and surprisingly it isn’t a glitter bomb. Emerald 1 applied nicely on its own, but there was a lot of fallout. Emerald 1 could also be layered over other shades to add some sparkle and pop.  


Emerald 2 – is a matte mint green. Emerald 2 was difficult to work with. The pigment was just ok. Emerald 2 would fade away to nothing when I tried to blend it out. The texture was dry and quite dusty. 


Emerald 3 – a metallic warm green. Emerald 3 adhered to my lid without a base, but I would definitely recommend using a sticky base. Emerald 3 didn’t have much pigmentation without a base. There was fallout with Emerald 3. 


Emerald 4 – is a dark forest green shimmer. I couldn’t get Emerald 4 to apply to my lid well with a brush. I ended up using Emerald 4 as a liner and it kind of worked. The shade is dark enough to be an effective liner, I just needed to wet my brush. 


Emerald 5 – is a cool toned shimmer bluish-green. Similar to the other shimmer shades in this palette Emerald 5 performed much better with a sticky base. There was sparkly fallout with this shade. I noticed creasing with this shade after 3 to 4 hours. 


Emerald 6 – is teal matte green. This shade performed better than Emerald 2. Emerald 6 was more pigmented and blended easier. The texture is on the dry side, but it still works well. 


Emerald 7 – is a matte brownish green. Emerald 7 is the most neutral shade in this palette. Emerald 7 performed well very similarly to Emerald 6. This shade is a bit dusty but blends nicely and is very pigmented. 


Emerald 8 – is a metallic olive-green. This is my favourite shade in the palette. Emerald 8 is richly pigmented and easy to apply. I got the best colour payoff in the palette from this shade. It’s just so pretty! 


Emerald 9 – is a pale yellow shimmer. Emerald 9 performed the best on bare skin out of nine shades. Emerald 9 applied smoothly and added a nice golden shine to my skin. 


Overall, the shades in Emerald Obsessions performed well enough. The formula in this palette is on the firmer side of the spectrum. As a result, I found it challenging to pick up product with a brush. I tried a variety of brushes, but applying these shadows with my finger delivered the best results. I was impressed with how the metallic shadows performed. I assumed looking at them they would be crazy glitter bombs, but they had a nice texture and were easy to work with. 

On the negative side, I experienced a significant amount of fallout using this palette. It was difficult to whip away the sparkles once they stuck to my face. I ended up washing my face with a makeup remover whip to get rid of all the sparkles. 

Swatches done on bare skin in natural light
Swatches done on bare skin and natural light


The Emerald Obsession packaging is very compact. Huda Beauty fit 9 shadows into a palette that’s only about 3 inches wide and 3 inches long. The cardboard packaging is lightweight but doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy. The jewel toned green is on the front of the palette is so pretty. Plus, every shade in the palette is represented in the gem stone on the front cover of the palette. I thought that was a fun little detail.



I think the concept of the Obsessions palette is really interesting. I love the idea of smaller palettes geared toward one colour. I’ve always wanted more green shades but they are usually reserved for massive Morphe style palettes with 50+ shades that I’m not interested in buying. Though, as much as I enjoy all the emerald shades I wish Huda would have swapped Emerald 9 (the yellow one), for a mid toned crease shade. This palette is not made to stand alone. Though, I feel like it could if it had a lighter crease shade to anchor all the fun glitzy greens.

I only have one question about this palette. Why no shade names? Grinch, Green Apple, Emerald City, Elphaba, Evergreen. I can think of countless shade names that could have been used in this palette, but Huda choose not to name these shadows. I don’t think I own another palette that completely lacks shade names. I always enjoy extra little details like fun shade names so without them the palette seems like it’s missing something.

I was so happy to purchase this little cup of green tea. The Obsessions palettes are only $27.00USD/$35.00 CAD. Not a bad price point considering a normal sized Huda Beauty palette costs around $67.00USD/$85.00 CAD. The Obsessions palette are a great way to try the Huda Beauty formula without spending a small fortune. If you’re interested in greens and Huda Beauty this palette would be a good place to start.

Huda Beauty – Emerald Obsession

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