Boxycharm: April 2021 Base Box

It’s that exciting time of month yet again! My Boxycharm April Base Box has arrived and it’s a good one folks. I haven’t done a Boxycharm post in awhile. I got a few boxes I wasn’t pleased with and the shipping was excessively slow. I felt like I was too far behind the eight ball to post my boxes the last couple months. Luckily, my April box arrived quickly! So, let’s jump in and see what Boxy has to charm me with this month.

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Boxycharm: January 2021 Base Box

It’s that exciting time of month again! My January Boxycharm has arrived. The box I received this month is a great one! Honestly, it might be my favourite box I’ve received ever. I got everything I wanted from the products offered in the January box. So far, 2021 is starting off on the right foot. Let’s bust this box open and see what’s inside!

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Boxycharm Add-On Products (November and December 2020)

There’s no better beauty deal than the Boxycharm PopUp shop! Recently, there’s been some amazing deals in the PopUp shop, I couldn’t resist grabbing a few products at a massively reduced price. I might have gone a little crazy, but there’s nothing better than some good old-fashioned retail therapy to ease the quarantine fatigue.

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Boxycharm: November Base Box

It’s that magical time of month again! My November Boxycharm Base Box has arrived. I’m a bit late writing this post, but I’m excited to share what I received. The theme of November’s box is harvest. Winter has already settled in where I live, so all the a Fall colours seem a bit out of season for me. Nevertheless, let’s jump into the box and see if there’s a bountiful harvest inside!

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Boxycharm: October 2020 Base Box

It’s that magical time of month again! My October Boxycharm has arrived. This is my first box in 6 months. I cancelled my subscription earlier this year. I found I was receiving way too many products I didn’t want or use. I decided to give Boxycharm another chance when I saw the products available in the October box. Let’s find out if resubscribing to Boxycharm was worth it.

Items included in Boxycharm October 2020 box
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BoxyCharm: January 2020 Box

It’s that exciting time of month again. My January BoxyCharm has landed! I’ve been so impressed with the products I’ve received in three months of being a BoxyCharm subscriber. This month’s theme is breaking the ice, so let’s bust this box open and see what’s inside! 

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BoxyCharm: November 2019 Box

It’s that magical time of month! My first ever BoxyCharm has arrived. I’ve been wanting try a different makeup subscription service for awhile now. I found I wasn’t getting want I wanted from IPSY so I decided to go with BoxyCharm. My box has arrived with 5 full sized products and an additional Tarte palette as a bonus for signing up. Let’s see what’s in the box! 

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IPSY: October Glam Bag

It’s that time of month again. My monthly bag of makeup mystery has arrived! I haven’t been as thrilled with the products in my IPSY bags lately but I received a variety of products I enjoy this month. The October bag is cute as a button with big Betty Boop eyes. Let’s see what’s inside my October IPSY Glam Bag. 

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IPSY: June Glam Bag!

It’s that exciting time of month again! My monthly bag of makeup mystery has arrived. My June Glam Bag was stocked with an excellent range of products this month. On top of that, I actually received my June Glam Bag in June which was a bonus considering how late my May and April bag arrived. Let’s find out what’s inside my June bag!

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IPSY: May Glam Bag

It’s that exciting time of month again! My monthly bag of makeup mystery has arrived. May’s IPSY bag took a very long time to arrive at my door (I didn’t receive it until the first week of June). My frustrations about IPSY ever increasing shipping times aside…this month’s bag was not my favourite. Let’s jump into May’s IPSY Glam Bag and check out what’s inside!


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IPSY: April Glam Bag

It’s that exciting time of month again! My monthly bag of makeup mystery has arrived – (truthfully, it arrived awhile ago). I’m late writing this post because my April IPSY bag arrived when I was traveling so I didn’t get the chance to try out the products straight away. Now I’m back home, I’ve been playing with all the products. Let’s dive into April’s Glam Bag! 

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IPSY: March Glam Bag

It’s that magical time again – my monthly bag of makeup mystery is here! My March Glam Bag has a good mix of products, some from indie brands and others from well-known brands. March was women’s history month so IPSY decided to shine a light women killin’ it in the beauty world. All of the products available in this month’s bag are from brands founded by women. Let’s see what’s inside this month’s bag!


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IPSY: February Glam Bag

It’s that time again! My monthly bag of make makeup mystery has arrived – my February IPSY Glam Bag is here. I got a really fun assortment of products this month. I’m always happy when I score a brush so I was satisfied with my February bag from the get go. Alongside the brush, I also got a mascara, eyeshadow, foundation, and moisturizer. I basically ended up with a full face of makeup in one IPSY bag. Let’s dive into this bag and checkout the products. 

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IPSY: January Glam Bag

My monthly bag of makeup mystery has arrived – my January IPSY bag is here. I was really happy with the products I received in this months bag. Though, for some reason they included a nail polish (again). In any event, four out of five interesting products isn’t bad so let’s dive into January’s IPSY Glam Bag. 

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IPSY: December 2018 Glam Bag

My monthly bag of makeup mystery has arrived – my IPSY bag for December is in! My December Glam Bag came in the mail a few weeks ago but it’s taken me awhile to write this post. I wasn’t really interested in playing with my December Glam Bag products. I received a great brush this months which I was pumped about but the other products were underwhelming. Despite being bored by my December IPSY items, I will test them for science reasons. Let’s jump into my December Glam Bag!









DELECTABLE BY CAKE BEAUTY:Iced Gingerbread Hand Cream

During a frigid Winnipeg winter it’s necessary to have a moisturizing hand cream. This Cake Beauty hand cream isn’t too sticky, it has a smooth texture that sinks into my skin. The product itself is nice but the ginger smell it gives off is in a word – overpowering. I had originally planned to keep this product in my desk at work but the smell is way too strong. I work in a scent free office, there’s no way I could get away with using a product this heavily scented.

F.A.R.A.H BRUSHES: Tapered Blending Brush 35E

I love getting brushes in my IPSY bag – every time I get one it’s $18.00 I don’t need to spend. I definitely feel brushes are the best value I get out of IPSY. Usually the price of one high-end brush is equivalent to how much I pay for IPSY each month. I always feel like I’ve gotten my moneys worth out of IPSY when I get a brush. I’ve been using this particular brush for all over blending and diffusing the edges on my eyeshadow. The bristles are soft and the handle is very lightweight (it feels kinda cheap), but this F.A.R.A.H. brush gets the job done.

CIATÉ LONDON – Glitter Flip Transforming Glitter Liquid Lipstick in Infamous

I ended up swapping this lipstick with a friend of mine who also has an IPSY subscription. The shade is a medium red with shimmer – not a colour I would wear regularly. I have a few other Ciate London liquid lipsticks and I never reach for them. The formula is nicely pigmented but during the winter months my lips are too dry to use liquid lipsticks. I was much happier with the LUXIE blending brush I traded for. 

STOWAWAY: Effortless Eyeliner Spice
This Stowaway liner was another lacklustre. I have so many eyeliners and I’m picky about the formulas I like. This liner was quite stiff and tough to apply. I had to push really hard on my eyelid to get product to transfer to my lid. It was even hard to swatch on my hard. The medium brown colour of this liner is pretty but I usually stick with basic black liner. I doubt I’ll be getting much use out of this eyeliner.

December’s Glam Bag wasn’t a great mix of products. IPSY loaded the December Glam Bags with 6 products – up from the usual 5. I ended up with an extra sample but I didn’t feel any further ahead. I’m still debating if I’ll keep my IPSY subscription. The December Glam Bag I received is making me think I’ll cancel sooner rather than later.


Have a magical day! Until next time,

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