My Makeup Collection: Urban Decay Naked Palettes

My Urban Decay collection started with an icon – the original Naked palette. That fateful day was the beginning of the longest makeup relationship of my life. I have since expanded my Naked collection to include Naked 2, Naked 3, Naked Smoky and most recently Naked Heat. Each palette signifies a chapter in my personal makeup saga. These palettes have been well-loved in my collection and the nostalgia is real for each palette. Let’s check out my Naked collection! 

I vividly remember the experience of buying the original Naked palette. I walked up to the UD display at Sephora a bit apprehensive… I had never spent that much money on makeup before. After a brief moment of hesitation, I scooped up the OG Naked palette and never looked back. I strolled out of that store a changed woman! This was a time when I tried to pack colour on my lid with a blending brush, so needless to say I had much to learn and my Naked palette was going to help me.

I watched endless tutorials and taught myself how to apply makeup (using the proper tools) with the original Naked palette. The shades in the palette are so well curated, you truly can’t go wrong! All the shades in the palette compliment each other so it was a great gateway palette. The original Naked palette was my first foray into high-end makeup. It was the only palette I used for nearly a year when I bought it. I doubt there will ever be another palette I get as excited to purchase as the OG Naked palette. 

The Naked 2 came to me by accident. I was given the Naked 1 as a Christmas gift but I already owned it. At first, I thought I would just keep it as a backup but I changed my mind and exchanged it for the Naked 2. The Naked 2 really upped my makeup game! I never knew love until I discovered cool tones. Tease, Snakebite and Pistol were typically my shades of choice and I was almost always rockin’ a grungy smoky eye. To this day Naked 2 is the most used palette in my collection. Similar to the original Naked, the Naked 2 is very functional and user-friendly. I found it very simple to see eye looks I wanted to create. I no longer reach for the Naked 2 as much as I once did but the makeup nostalgia is so real! 

The year the Naked 3 palette was released was the year I really started getting into makeup. It was also the year I moved to Barcelona so I really needed to save money. I really wasn’t sure at the time if a pink palette made sense for me. I wasn’t exactly sure how to make the shades work but alas, I was intrigued. I debated for weeks about whether I should purchase the Naked 3. I decided I had great experiences with the first two Naked palettes so I should go for it – a new palette for a year abroad just made sense. At the time I didn’t own any similar shades to the Naked 3 so it was buying something unique to my collection. Using the Naked 3, I discovered my love for pink shadows. I liked how I could create very simple, soft, looks with Naked 3. I lived it up in Europe with the help of Naked 3 and the sparkly rose gold looks we created together. 

I bought the Naked Smoky when it was 50% off on the UD website. Honestly, I bought it because at the time I wanted to complete my Naked collection. I knew most of the colours seemed a bit too dark for me but the packaging was gorgeous (I’m a sucker for packaging). I decided if it was 50% off, I needed to have it. I’ve gotten some decent looks using the Naked Smoky but the quality isn’t as good as the first three palettes (I suppose that’s why they discontinued it). Though, it was never a go to palette for me I’m glad I added it to my collection. 

Moving on to next installment, the hype around Naked Heat was huge! YouTube was buzzing about the best quality Naked palette ever and I wanted it. The first four Naked palettes encompass almost every neutral shade possible. I definitely didn’t need another neutral palette but I wanted Naked Heat badly. In the face of incredible temptation, I was strong, I convinced myself I didn’t need Naked Heat. It was too warm for me. I wouldn’t use it enough. I eventually moved on and lost interest. I wasn’t tempted by it again until I started experimenting with warm tones recently. 

Now that I’m warming up to warm shadows, it seemed natural to add Naked Heat to my collection. Luckily, I received Naked Heat as a Christmas gift! The quality of the shadows in Naked Heat is amazing. There’s a huge improvement particularly in the matte shadows, they’re so easy to blend. Though, some shades are very similar they all perform beautifully. Now that I own it, I can’t believe I doubted my first instinct to purchase Naked Heat.  

So that’s my full-sized Naked palette collection. I get such a deep sense of satisfaction when I lay all five out together, (they just looks so darn good). Urban Decay has further expanded their Naked palette range but I haven’t purchased either of the most recent releases. The Naked Cherry and Naked Reloaded haven’t drawn me in as much as the first five palettes. I doubt I will purchase Naked Cherry or Naked Reloaded unless they go on sale of course. 

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3 thoughts on “My Makeup Collection: Urban Decay Naked Palettes

  1. Go for naked cherry or even honey! Cherry is my favorite palette but honey is a close second. In my opinion, reloaded is kind of boring color-wise. I think cherry is the perfect palette!


  2. Go for naked cherry or even honey! Cherry is my favorite palette but honey is a close second. In my opinion, reloaded is kind of boring color-wise. I think cherry is the perfect palette because it’s not too warm or too cool. Anyone can wear it!

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    1. I should update this post. I’ve purchased both Naked Cherry and Naked Honey in the last few months. I really enjoy both – but I think Naked Honey is my new favourite Naked palette. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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