Boxycharm: January 2021 Base Box

It’s that exciting time of month again! My January Boxycharm has arrived. The box I received this month is a great one! Honestly, it might be my favourite box I’ve received ever. I got everything I wanted from the products offered in the January box. So far, 2021 is starting off on the right foot. Let’s bust this box open and see what’s inside!

Violet Voss| Olive You Forever Eyeshadow Palette

I love a green eyeshadow! I was so pumped to receive this palette. I had seen Violet Voss products on Instagram and at Sephora, but I had never tried the Violet Voss eyeshadow formula before. This palette has a good mix of neutral browns and fun greens. I love when palettes deliver on the theme they promise with the colour story. Though, I like the shades the formula isn’t my favourite. The mattes were challenging to blend. The shimmers performed better, but the formula is very firmly pressed. I’ll keep working with palette because I like the shades. The Olive You Forever palette retails for $34.00USD/$43.00CAD.

Farmacy| Daily Greens Oil-Free Gel Moisturizer

Lucky me! I added a new product to my Farmacy collection. This brand has become a favourite of mine lately, so I was really excited to get this moisturizer. The moisturizers is nice. I only needed a tiny bit to cover my whole face. It has a soft, smooth texture. It took some time to fully absorb into my skin and I did remove some excess from my face after awhile. I think I just used too much the first few times. Also, the smell of this product is quite strong and not my favourite. The Daily Greens moisturizer retails for $38.00USD/$50.00CAD.

Avant Skincare| Bi-Phase Hyaluronic Acid Rejuvenating Micellar Water

This might be the most entertaining micellar water out there. The product separates in the bottle, so you need to shake it up to combine everything before using it. It’s like a micellar lava lamp and I’m way too amused by it. This was the product I choose for my January box. I was using a cheap drug store brand micellar water and sadly that product wasn’t cutting it. This Avant Skincare micellar water easily removes makeup from my eyes and face with minimal rubbing or scrubbing. The only downside is the bottle. I have to squeeze the bottle to get product out. I always end up spilling some. The bottle is huge, so I won’t run out anytime soon, but I hate wasting product. The Avant Skincare Micellar Water retails $90.00USD/$115.00CAD.

Seraphine Botanicals| Apple + Baume Glow Lip Mask

Holy moly this product smells amazing! The scent reminds me of a Green Apple Jolly Rancher. It smells so good, but it does not taste great. I accidentally got some in my mouth and it wasn’t pleasant. The smell isn’t the only good thing about this product. The Apple + Baume Glow Lip Mask does deliver on its claims. It was comfortable to wear and my lips did feel soft and ever so slightly plumped after using the product. I put this on my lips after getting out of the shower before bed. I’ve had no issues with dryness or soreness, so I’m very pleased with this product thus far. The Apple + Baume Glow Lip Mask retails for $25.00USD/$30.00CAD.

Triust Fund Beauty| Lipgasm Lip Gloss

This lipgloss is super pigmented and the colour is really nice. I thought it would be too bight, but I really liked the way it looked on my lips. The texture of this lipgloss is quite thick. Once applied it wasn’t super shiny. When applied the product didn’t make my lips extremely shiny, but just nicely glossy. It doesn’t feel too sticky. Very little product transferred when eating or drinking. I’m happy with this lip gloss. Plus, the colour will be very fun when summer rolls around. This Trust Fund Beauty lip gloss retails for $18.00USD/$23.00CAD.

I was mostly uninterested in the products from my December box. I didn’t even write a blog post about my December box because I just wasn’t inspired by the products. Thankfully, January’s box was completely different. This month was basically a Boxycharm unicorn. I got everything I wanted from the January product list. I was so happy when I opened this box. This month’s box offered a great variety of products. I got some things I needed and some things I wanted. I’ll use everything in this box. This month’s box contained $205.00USD/$261.00CAD. I definitely got my money’s worth this month!

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