Top 6: My Essential Eurotrip Makeup Products

Traveling the world is my first love. I’m so excited to be embarking on a three-week backpacking trip through Europe starting this week. The only downside – I can’t fit my entire makeup collection in my suitcase. I need to decide which makeup product are going in my travel bag. I’ve whittled the list down to six top contenders. Let’s dive into my makeup bag and see which products are accompanying me on my Eurotrip. 


There’s a few guidelines I use when choosing products to travel with. All products need to be long wearing, easy to apply and the packaging needs to be compact – (I can’t lose valuable suitcase space to bulky packaging). I also never travel with any limited edition products. Some of my favourite makeup products are limited edition and I can’t risk loosing or breaking them during travel. Without further ado, here are my top travel makeup picks. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Modern Renaissance – this palette is a classic. I always bring Modern Renaissance along when I travel because the shadows are so easy to work with. The ABH matte formula blends so easy I can do my makeup quickly and be out the door to explore. The only downside to traveling with an ABH palette is the formula is so loosely pressed the shadows can be easily damaged. I need to make sure my Modern Renaissance is properly secured in my bag. Though, the pros outweigh the cons with this palette. 

Urban Decay, Lip Pencils – these pencils are a life saver! I can toss any UD pencil into my makeup bag and be good to go. Urban Decay’s lip pencils are pigmented, easy to apply and long wearing. I don’t need to worry about reapplying my lipsticks all day. These lip pencils don’t dry out my lips either – they’re basically a godsend. They’re so convenient for travel. Liar and Rush are my favourite shades and they will definitely be in my suitcase. 

bareMinerals, Original SPF 15 Foundation – I’m going to Spain and Portugal on this trip so a powder foundation with SPF is ideal. This foundation gives a nice light coverage to the skin, just enough to even out my skin tone and cover redness. I find powder foundations are quick and easy to apply and my skin doesn’t get nearly as oily. The SPF is great for extra sun protection as well. 

Lancôme, Ultra Fluid Texture Facial Sunscreen (SPF 50) – this product has been my go to sunscreen for years. This sunscreen is true to its name, it’s 100% fluid. It basically looks and feels like milk when poured out of the bottle. It applies so smoothly, soaking into my skin without making my face oily or sticky. It’s SPF 50 so my vampire like skin will be protected in the warm Mediterranean sun. I never travel to a sunny place without this product in my makeup bag. 

Huda Beauty, Smokey Obsessions – I bought this palette specifically for this trip. This palette has everything I need. There’s a great variety of shades and finishes. The shadows are long wearing and pigmented. Plus, the Smokey Obsessions packaging is small and lightweight making it super convenient to travel with. I can create daytime and nighttime looks with this palette making it a perfect travel companion. 

Lancôme, Monsieur Big Mascara – this mascara takes my lashes to places they’ve never been. I love this mascara so much! Monsieur Big manages to add volume to my lashes without clumping them together. Monsieur Big doesn’t flake or smudge throughout the day, so it’s perfect for long days exploring new cities. 


So there’s my essential travel makeup picks. Some of these products have been around the world with me. They’re battle tested so I know I can trust them to help me be selfie ready in front of famous landmarks all over Europe.


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