MAC Cosmetic: Dilly-Dolly Blush Review (Black Cherry Collection)

Spring is in the air! The latest collection from MAC is a breath of beautiful spring air. The Black Cherry collection launched in Asia first, so I was eagerly waiting for it to be released in North America. At long last, I was able to get my hands on the Dilly-Dolly Extra Dimension Blush. This product is stunning! I love the packaging, I love colour, let’s find out if I love wearing it!

MAC Cosmetics describes the Black Cherry collection as “Take your look whichever way the wind GLOWS with Extra Dimension Blush in four sakura-inspired, second-skin shades that reflect the light – and last all night! This modern hybrid blush combines the smoothness of a cream, blendability of a liquid and finish of a powder with long-wearing colour and prismatic reflections. Specially housed in limited-edition, moon-bloom packaging”.


Dilly-Dolly is a light, luminous, cool pink. This blush is beautiful! I own one other blush in the Extra Dimension formula from MAC and I really like it, so the bar was fairly high for this product. This blush applied as smooth as butter! The product melts into my skin and doesn’t enhance texture. I had no issue blending out the product whatsoever. I got a nice even coverage when I applied Dilly-Dolly. This blush is quite light, so I could build up the shine if I wanted without making myself look like a clown who went blush wild. Considering this blush is a lighter colour and shiny I got awesome wear time out if it. Dilly-Dolly wore for a solid 8 to 9 hours on me. I could still clearly see the product on my face when I removed it before bed. I have no complaints about this magical product!


You don’t need me to tell you this product is gorgeous. I haven’t loved the design of a MAC collection this much since the Boom, Boom, Bloom line was released a few years back. There is nothing not beautiful about this compact! The pink cherry blossoms paired with the black background and rose gold accents is just lovely. This is such a soft, feminine design. It’s definitely a product worthy of being displayed on any vanity. I’m even keeping the box because it’s pretty too!


This purchase was a total win for me. I found my new favourite blush, so I feel like a champ! Dilly-Dolly is a perfect shade for me. My skin is very pale, so it’s nice to have a blush that doesn’t immediately look like too much on me. I literally can’t apply too much and that’s a major achievement. I layered the product and I just looked more luminous with each application. This product has magical properties or something.

I especially love it when a product delivers on its claims. The blush claims to give a glowing look that lasts and lasts. Which it does and more, so I’m very pleased. I do have one of the Extra Dimension Blushes in the shade Into the Pink and I was worried Dilly-Dolly would be too similar, but in person the two shades are quite different. I find it tricky to buy face products online without seeing the colour in person. Online product photos can often look very different from what the product looks like in person. But, luckily this one looked very close to the promotional photos on MAC’s website.

This collection is great as a whole. I wanted so many things from this release. Evidentially, I wasn’t the only one because it sold out super quickly. Luckily, I was able to buy Dilly-Dolly on the Hudson Bay Company’s website in Canada. It was already sold out on MAC’s website when I checked. Plus, almost everything from this collection sold out on Sephora’s website too. I’m glad I got my hands on Dilly-Dolly, but I’m really hoping for a restock because I want one the lip balms badly.

In conclusion, this blush is wonderful. I love it so much! I’ve worn it numerous times and I love it more with each wear. This gives such a pretty glow to the cheeks, I could go without highlighter if I wanted. I love me some blinding highlighter, but the soft, shiny look this product gives my cheeks is perfect for Spring. For the foreseeable future, no one else will see this product on my cheeks because my mask covers it, but I know. I’m basically Batman with blush.

Stay safe out there,


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